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A day without immigrants quickly turns into a day that immigrants no longer have a job

A day without immigrants quickly turns into a day that immigrants no longer have a job

On Thursday Feb. 16, a nationwide movement calling for illegal aliens to walk off their jobs for a day of protest has culminated in a number of these workers finding themselves on the following day without a job to return to.

Meant as a protest against President Donald Trump’s agenda to arrest and deport certain sectors of the illegal population, the Day without immigrants protest was an attempt by activists to show solidarity for these lawbreaking foreign workers, and try to drum up popular support against the government following through with enforcing the current laws.

But unfortunately for some of these illegals, or even those legal immigrants who chose to skip out of their jobs to march in support, they quickly found that their employers were none too happy and expressed their own first amendment rights by using Donald Trump’s favorite line.

You’re Fired.

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Fox Baltimore reports that the workers are without a job after getting fired for skipping work as a show of support for “A Day Without Immigrants.”

The restaurant workers are all Hispanic and say it was important to them to participate in the national protest.

But they didn’t think it would cost them their jobs.

“They feel like they’ve been unfairly terminated,” said a friend, translating for the employees.

The owner fired them by text message.

A message to one of the employees reads: “You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off, and you can enjoy many more. Love you.” – Zerohedge

Illegals being fired for walking off the job was also discovered to have occurred in Denver, Colorado.

Dozens of people say they were fired for taking part in a protest in Denver. Thursday’s “A Day without Immigrants” movement closed restaurants, shops, and jobs sites across the United States.

The moment was an effort to show the Trump administration how much immigrants contribute to the country’s economy. Many skipped work and vowed not to spend any money that day.

Now dozens of local masonry workers say they are without a job.

It was a day meant to unite, but on a job site in Denver, Thursday’s “A Day without Immigrants” movement instead ripped apart a company and at least 30 of its workers. – KDVR

Unlike public agendas to deport illegal aliens under both Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, fears that Donald Trump will actually follow through with his campaign promises to arrest and deport illegals is being taken very seriously, with thousands even rushing to their local consulates to seek legal advice in case they are stopped, detained, or arrested.

The biggest irony of course is that if an American citizens illegal entered into Mexico, Canada, or most other sovereign foreign countries, they would not receive free welfare, education, health benefits, or the understanding of an under the table job.  And instead they would be deported immediately, or in many cases thrown into prison for committing a felony against the state, which shows above all else the eroding society in which America is becoming, where the rule of law is no longer meted out equitably if the underlying crime is based on some obscure emotional agenda by liberal social justice warriors.

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