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A Woman Set Her On Fire. After 2 Years In A Mask She’s Ready To Show Her Face

A Woman Set Her On Fire. After 2 Years In A Mask She’s Ready To Show Her Face

VIRAL THREAD – Inspiration and courage was unveiled after a third-degree burn victim took off her face mask for the first time two-and-a-half years after recovering from being set on fire in an attack.

In 2012, then 26-year-old Dana Vulin was doused in methylated spirits and set on fire by a woman who wanted to “ruin her pretty face” because she was jealous that Vulin had talked to her ex-husband.

For two years, Vulin lived with a mask over her face as her body healed and she received over 30 procedures to correct the damage. When time came to reveal her face, she did it in the most amazing, brave, fun way possible.

This is her story.

Dana’s attacker grew jealous when she learned that Dana had talked to her estranged husband at a New Year’s Eve party. Dana is pictured here (on the left) before the attacks.



The jealous wife began to formulate a revenge plot. She harassed Dana with threatening phone calls. She even said, “I’m going to ruin her pretty little face.”



The wife, Natalie Dimitrovska, broke into Dana’s apartment while under the influence of drugs. She soaked Dana in methylated spirits and set her ablaze. Dana could hear her laughing as she ran out.



The third-degree burns covered 64% of Dana’s body.


Source: YouTube/Channel 7

Dana admitted that, prior to the attacks, her life revolved around her looks. 


Source: Yahoo News Australia

For 30 months she was forced to wear this mask, which left her feeling “like a nothing and a no one.” She even appeared in court wearing the mask to testify. Fortunately, her attacker was sentenced to 17 years in jail.


Source: Daily Mail 

While battling to recover from her attack, Dana had to face another battle: A doctor informed her that she had cervical cancer. She underwent a surgery that removed the canerous cells and she soon became cancer free. Dana refused to give up.


Source: Daily Mail 

Finally, after working every day to heal, Dana agreed to appear on a television news program to take off her mask and appear in a fashion catwalk on television.


Source: YouTube/ Channel 7

She says, “It would’ve been easier to die, but I’ve never taken the easy road to anything…but if someone were to ask me how I feel about my body — I am damn proud of it.”


Source: Youtube/Channel 7

Knowing that her story could inspire others to find positivity and hope in the face of adversity, Dana prepared to reveal her new look.


 Source: YouTube/Channel 7

When she removed the mask, she hoped the world would be able to look beyond her looks.


Source: YouTube/Channel 7

She says, “I hope they’ll see strength, power, confidence, self respect, courage, and determination.”


Source: Youtube/Channel 7

“I am a strong person, and more than anything that I’ve learnt in my burn is that I will never change and I know the person I am and I’m confident in the woman that I am.”


Source: YouTube/Channel 7




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