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America’s allies trust Vladimir Putin more on foreign affairs than they do President Trump and U.S. policy

America’s allies trust Vladimir Putin more on foreign affairs than they do President Trump and U.S. policy

When you combine President Trump’s erratic stances on foreign policy along with Congress’s propaganda conflict against Russia, you get a world where even the most staunchest allies of the United States are turning away from the ‘Land of Freedom’.

And in an interesting poll published on Aug. 17 by the Pew Research Group, more countries trust President Vladimir Putin when it comes to foreign policy than they do Donald Trump.

US allies Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea are among countries which trust Vladimir Putin more than Donald Trump in handling foreign affairs, a new Pew poll shows.

‚ÄúIn many countries he [Putin] is more trusted than American President Donald Trump,‚Ä̬†according to a statement from the Pew Research Center on Wednesday.

At least 36 countries from across the world took part in the survey.

The poll showed that at least seven EU countries trust Russian President Vladimir Putin more than US President Donald Trump. Greeks appear to have highest confidence in Putin (31 percent higher than their confidence in Trump), followed by Germany (with a +14-percent differential), and Hungary (+5 percent). Putin is also more trusted in France, Sweden, Italy, and Spain than his US counterpart.

Putin has more support among South American countries, including Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela, according to the poll. Mexico, which has been highly critical of Trump’s intention to build a wall on its border, also supports Putin more than the US leader.

The Putin-Trump poll is a part of a wider¬†survey¬†on security threats around the world. According to the Pew Research Center, many nations view the US, Russia, and China as major threats to their national security. –¬†Russia Today

Perhaps this should not be surprising since President Putin has shown himself to be much more of a statesman when it comes to foreign policies and interventions, especially in regards to the Syrian conflict and Russia’s growing alliances with China, Turkey, and even Japan. ¬†Meanwhile, President Trump came into office with a chip on his shoulder and has already begun a trade war with China, threatened a nuclear conflict with North Korea, recently threatened to intervene in Venezuela, and spuriously bombed parts of Syria after falling prey to a fake news story of chemical weapon use by Assad.

In regards to how each nation conducts foreign policy, Putin has by far set himself apart from the U.S. leader by seeking economic solutions rather than military ones.  And when each week seems to bring the world to the brink of war by some slight borne on the shoulders of Donald Trump, rationality is winning out over chaos in this chess match between superpowers.

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