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Kenneth Schortgen Jr.

NSA spied on Pope under guise that the Vatican was a ‘threat to the financial system’

In the world of fictional Big Brother, or a lessor form of sociopathic tyranny like the United States has become, spying on others becomes an obsession for those in power, much more than simply a justified means of ensuring security. Which is why it can no longer be considered shocking when new information reveals that the NSA's spying arm has infiltrated even the Vatican, and has used its measure of 'highe ...

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Canada To Open First 5 Bitcoin ATM’s as Countries Outside U.S. Prepare For End of Dollar

This week, the Las Vegas based company, Robocoin, will be opening up five Bitcoin ATM machines that will have the capability of exchanging Canadian dollars for Bitcoins, and Bitcoins for Loonies.  The move is huge for the emergence of Bitcoin as it continues to extend into the mainstream, and offer an alternative for consumers as distrust of the U.S. dollar and world's reserve currency grows. Bitcoiniacs sa ...

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President Obama caught in lie that he didn’t know NSA was spying on world leaders

President Obama is on par to go down in history as being a leader who continuously claims he didn't know anything about was going on in his administration, and sadly, he will also be recorded as the one known for lying about what he did or didn't know. On Oct. 27, spokesmen for the White House made the claim that President Obama knew nothing about the NSA spying on world leaders such as Germany's Chancellor ...

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Closet Muslim? Jessie Jackson throws Christianity under the bus in speech to Arab-Americans

One of the more well known and recognized monikers given to the Reverend Jessie Jackson is that of a race hustler who uses his title as a Christian leader to further his political and monetary agendas.  However, it now seems that after years of prostituting Christianity for earthly wealth and fame he is seeking the confidence of Islam to stand with him and fight against the racial ghosts of a nation that ha ...

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UN’s failure to issue Responsibility to Protect clause unmasks U.S. lies over chemical weapon attack in Syria

On Aug. 27, Vice President Joe Biden made a propaganda speech in Houston citing that there is undeniable proof that President Assad ordered and fired chemical weapons onto insurgents and civilians in the ongoing civil war to topple the government.  However, these allegations appear to be completely false, and with the Obama administration playing a card from former President George Bush's hand in which he d ...

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Russian Minister calls President Obama a Bush clone after pushing U.S. into war with Syria

For both Senator Obama, and the liberal contingent who castigated former President George Bush over our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is an interesting turn of events five years later when now President Obama has hypocritically ordered attacks into more countries than the man he spoke out against for such actions in while in Congress.  And the current President is now doing so with a zeal not seen since ...

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