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VIDEO: NASA Cuts Live Feed From The I.S.S As 13,000 Year Old Black Knight Satellite/U.F.O – They Didn’t Pull The Plug Quick Enough!

Astronaut Snap Shot from the ISS - Black Knight also known as the Black Knight satellite is an alleged object orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit that ufologists and fringe authors believe is approximately 13,000 years old and of extraterrestrial origin. Authors claim that there is a connection between long delayed echos and reports that Nikola Tesla picked up a repeat ...

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This Video Is Shocking The Entire World. Everyone Needs To See This!

In 2011, an earthquake caused a tsunami that killed nearly 16,000 people in Japan and caused an estimated 210 billion dollars in damage, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in history. When a Fukushima power plant was hit by the tsunami, it began releasing the largest amount of radioactive materials since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. Now, three years later, there are serious concerns about t ...

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Cops Confirm Russian Spetsnaz In America!

Expert, whistleblower Greg Evensen joins the Gianluca Zanna radio show to talk about the unfolding US police state, confirmation received from State Troopers of Russian spetsnaz in America at the request of FEMA and confirmation of foreign governments agents from around the world BLENDING INTO our own government so that when the final transition to a world government is made, it will be made seamlessly. ...

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