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Congress rushes to propose bill to eliminate Department of Education minutes after Betsy DeVos was confirmed

Congress rushes to propose bill to eliminate Department of Education minutes after Betsy DeVos was confirmed

Despite the fact that President Trump’s newly minted Education Secretary went through one of the most grueling confirmation hearings in modern times, even requiring Vice President Mike Pence to cast the necessary final vote, it appears that Betsy DeVos has some Republican supporters in the House of Representatives ready to stand with her agenda to fundamentally change the American education system.

And by change we mean eliminate the Department of Education altogether.

In a slight bit of irony, a Republican Representative from the state of Kentucky, Thomas Massie, introduced¬†H.R. 899, a¬†bill written to abolish the Department of Education in it’s entirety, on the same day that Vice President Pence cast the unprecedented, tie-breaking vote to confirm that department’s new Secretary,¬†Betsy DeVos.

Apparently Massie is “in to the whole brevity thing” as the entire bill consists of a single sentence:

“The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.” – Zerohedge

Betsy DeVos’s confirmation ordeal had little to do with her ‘experience’ in running a Federal department, and more about her being a threat to the Establishment’s use of public education to indoctrinate our youth, and dumb down present and future generations of students.

1969 January:

Today‚Äôs Education (published by the NEA) contains an article, ‚ÄúForecast for the ‚Äė70‚Äôs,‚ÄĚ by Harold and June Shane. Their article is a digest of many articles, within which one finds the following comments: Ten years hence it should be more accurate to term him [the teacher] a ‚Äúlearning clinician.‚ÄĚ This title is intended to convey the idea that schools are becoming ‚Äúclinics‚ÄĚ whose purpose is to provide individualized psychosocial ‚Äútreatment‚ÄĚ for the student, thus increasing his value both to himself and to society. … Educators will assume a formal responsibility for children when they reach the age of two … [with] mandatory foster homes and ‚Äúboarding schools‚ÄĚ for children between ages two and three whose home environment was felt to have a malignant influence, [and children would] become the objects of [biochemical] experimentation. – Concerned

Ever since the Department of Education was created under the Carter Administration nearly 40 years ago, U.S. literacy in nearly all subject curriculums has fallen, with American students now ranked in the lower 30 of the top industrialized countries.  And this despite the fact that costs for education have severely increased to where public schools spend more per student than virtually anywhere in the world.

education rankings

If President Trump has his way, his new Education Secretary doesn’t really need to have a great deal of experience in running the Department since it appears that his end goal is to eliminate the cabinet position, and give the responsibility of teaching children back to the states and to the people. ¬†And this is exactly what the liberal establishment is deathly afraid of because it would cut off one of their legs in which they use to keep the youth indoctrinated towards their agenda of cultural Marxism.

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