MODERN WOMAN DIGEST  – A disturbing new trend is on the rise, thanks to extreme feminist bloggers and activists everywhere. The trend is something called “Free Bleeding,” in which a woman who is menstruating chooses to use feminine products no longer, in exchange for allowing her blood to flow “freely” out of her body, staining her clothing and running down her thighs to wherever it may end up.

The idea behind this movement is two different ideas. One, is that a woman’s time of the month should not be considered something unclean and unnatural, something to be hidden and cleaned up hastily before it has the chance to offend anyone who may become privy to the fact that said woman’s body is evacuating her loins of unused baby blood. The second, being that tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are “man” made inventions, intended to inadvertently rape a woman during her period, thus furthering her victim status as a woman living in a world run by men. These two reasons combined, have produced the idea that women need to make a stand against the practice of wearing products which collect, absorb, and discard the menstrual flow. That by letting it run freely, is the way nature intended us to deal with our monthly.


For any normal woman, however, this idea is horrifying, and for equally as many reasons as the idea is spoken in favor of. If you’re like myself, a proud, intelligent, educated, and body-conscious woman of modern times, the reasons why this is a bad and ugly practice are quite apparent to you. But for those of you who are not blessed with the acute observational skills such as myself, I will gladly share my wisdom with you.

Firstly, this is not “how nature intended” us to deal with our menstrual discharge. If this was the case, nature would never have given us the enlightenment that we were to cover our bodies and shameful parts to begin with. Animals of lesser intelligence run around naked and without the use of proper toolsto make their lives easier because they are just that, of lesser intelligence. Our vast knowledge gives us added perception as to what filthy creatures we truly are, and gives us the know-how on ways to rectify these obstacles. Nature intended us to be vastly intelligent, and to use our intelligence to overcome our flaws. Nature isn’t perfect, but it makes do. In our case, it has given us humans the advanced technological know-how to invent specific products to make our monthly easier to manage, in a more clean and discreet manner. Animals urinate, defecate, and bleed all over themselves and each other. We generally would like to think we’re above that kind of behavior. But not in the case of Feminists, it would seem. It’s apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that the Feminist’s true motive is to set the progress of our species backwards, not forward.

Secondly, it is a well known, documented, scientifically proven fact that women are naturally more unclean than men are. It’s stated in the Bible, as well there have been studies done on the female anatomy to further my case. The female reproductive system alone is host to over 7000 types of bacteria, some of which are helpful to the system, but many of which are not. These bacteria work together to create the odor and excretions that the female genitalia has been notoriously known for. As women, we need all the extra help we can get to remain clean “down there,” both for ourselves and for our partners. Without the help of the many feminine hygiene products that are now available to us, through prescription and over the counter purchase, our special place would be an intolerable wasteland, of unbearable odors, discharge, and build up. The fact that Feminists see no problem with adding blood and other types of monthly discharge to the mix is not only disgusting, but alarming and unhealthy.


I urge you to disregard and reject this new hardcore feminist trend, both for your own health and the health of those around you. If you happen to come in contact with a Feminist who tries to push this disgusting idea on you, throw a tampon at them and run away as fast as you can. It’s a proven scientific fact, that if two women stand around each other for a long enough period of time, and one of them is menstruating, the other one will sync their cycles up and will begin bleeding to. It could become a very dangerous situationindeed, if you’re caught with a Free-Bleeding Feminist without your own personal hygiene products available. Play it safe, lest you become a statistic, and remember to always carry a feminine pad or tampon in your purse wherever you go.



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