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Dr Doom Ed Dames: In 2014, U.S. will lose the petro dollar and go into recession

Dr Doom Ed Dames: In 2014, U.S. will lose the petro dollar and go into recession

On Dec. 9, Major Ed Dames, former military intelligence officer and pre-eminent expert in the field of Remote Viewing, was a guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show to talk about what he sees for America and the rest of the world in 2014.  During the program, Dr. Doom, as Dames is often referred to, stated that 2014 will give the West a confluence of several serious events, leading up to a massive economic recession, and the end of the U.S. dominated petro-dollar.

Ed Dames: ¬†If you’re in Western Europe, or North America, I don’t see any bright spots… at all.

George Norry:  None?

ED: Corporately, what you’re going to see is a global recession, and a slow collapse of the petro dollar. ¬†No matter what the elites, the Bank of England, and those in the Federal Reserve try to do.

Russia and China know what’s coming down. ¬†China is now the largest producer and buyer of gold in the world, and Russia is close behind. ¬†They’ll come up with a new currency, that will be backed by gold, and will be an anathema to the West of course.

The U.S. is going to go bankrupt… just like the old Soviet Union did. ¬†I was a spy during the Cold War, and I was on top of what was going on there… politically, scientifically, and economically.

What you are also going to see this year is alot of countries defect from the petro dollar, and begin trading in other currencies.

GN: So when the clock hits 2014 in about three weeks, are we going to see it right away, or are we going to have a little time here?

ED: ¬†My guess, based upon my work, is that by the time April rolls around, that’s when things really get serious worldwide.

Let me make this explicitly clear right now. ¬†It can happen overnight, as we are seeing in Singapore which hasn’t had a protest like the one going on now in 40 years. ¬†Martial Law will be declared, and there will be no food on the shelves, and the city’s will be sealed off, and you will be kept in like the zombie apocalypse. – Coast to Coast AM, December 9, 2014


In March of last year, Major Dames spoke upon the linchpin that would start the global collapse, and that nation was Japan.  In just over a year and a half, Japan has seen its central banks print trillions of yen to prop up its dying economy, and these actions have since triggered a currency war that has engulfed nearly 20 nations worldwide.

Ed Dames has a long track record of valid ‘hits’ using remote viewing to find missing people, or see future events. ¬†In 2008. after the largest manhunt in American history to find downed millionaire Steve Fossett, Dames correctly reported that he was in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and not in the state of Nevada as ¬†most law enforcement believed him to be. ¬†And on Oct. 2nd of that year, Fossett’s plane and body were found just 60 miles from the primary location that Dames and his team stated he was located.

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