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First full transit cargo from London to China on Silk Road begins

First full transit cargo from London to China on Silk Road begins

When China envisioned their Silk Road 2.0 (Belt and Road) project, they wanted to connect East and West by having an uninterrupted path from Korea to London.  And on April 10 the first transit of cargo from the furthest reaches of the still under construction trade route has taken place as goods from London via rail line are on their way to Yiwu, China.

The first rail freight service from the UK to China departed April 10, carrying 30 containers of British-produced goods from Stanford-le-Hope in Essex, along a 7,500-mile journey to Yiwu, China. Hailed as a victory for an independent Britain, the voyage instead arguably represents a shift in the balance of world economic power, from East to West.

Cheaper than air and faster than sea, along the way, the consignment will pass through the Channel Tunnel into France and on to Belgium, Germany,Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, before finally reaching China April 27. The cargo is said to contain a number of items, including whisky, soft drinks, vitamins, pharmaceuticals and baby products.

The first freight service from China to the UK arrived in Essex in January, making the country the 15th to join Beijing’s rail link, dubbed the “New Silk Route.” – Sputnik News

Ironically, China is doing just the opposite of what its main competitor America plans for the future by connecting nations through trade rather than putting up tariffs and protectionism policies which is the current agenda of President Donald Trump.

In addition to creating a fully connected land path across Asia, Eurasia, the Middle East, and of course Europe, China intends to also aid in the development of many second and third world economies who will be involved along the the Silk Road.

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There are many aspects of globalism that are not bad, and which carry many benefits for nations who in the past would have been treated more as colonies than as partners.  And with the Silk Road, the AIIB Bank, and many other future endeavors China wishes to implement, the future for these partner nations will be quite a different change than what they suffered under for decades through entities like the IMF, and Western foreign policy.

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