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Following Syrian cease-fire agreement with Putin, Trump orders an end to Obama policy of arming terrorists in region

Following Syrian cease-fire agreement with Putin, Trump orders an end to Obama policy of arming terrorists in region

In the final days of the G20 meeting earlier this month, President Trump concluded an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin a cease-fire in certain regions of Syria.  And while the Neo-cons and liberal warmongers in Congress went into apoplexy over this, there was little they could do since America’s occupation in Syria was really a grey area given that no declaration of war had ever been made.

Now on July 19 the President is taking this cease-fire agreement another step further by ordering the ending of an Obama administration policy which facilitated the CIA arming terrorist groups (moderate rebels fighting against Assad).

In what may be one of the most significant foreign policy decisions of his first year in office, Trump is shutting down the CIA’s covert program to arm rebels fighting the Syrian government. This would constitute a monumental shift in terms of US priorities in Syria which throughout most of the 6-year long war have focused on removing Bashar al-Assad. The Washington Post reports:

Officials said Trump made the decision to scrap the CIA program nearly a month ago, after an Oval Office meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster ahead of a July 7 meeting in Germany with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The move is consistent with signals coming out of the White House over the past months, as well as in keeping with Trump’s early campaign promises that he would seek to wind down the war in Syria by making ISIS the only objective, and not the removal of Assad. There have been additional hints at willingness to work closer with Russia in a strategic anti-terror partnership in Syria.  Secretary of State Tillerson’s said in an April interview with ABC News, as well several weeks ago, that Assad’s fate would be up for the Syrian people to decide. – Zerohedge

The farce that has been the conflict in Syria was simply a carryover from policies introduced by President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when they either ordered or allowed the arming and training of known terrorist groups to fight on their behalf in both Libya and Syria to overthrow legitimized governments who were conducting internal policies not in lockstep with Washington mandates.

As U.S. armed forces attack ISIS in Libya, WikiLeaks is poised to remind us that ISIS is in Libya — indeed, that ISIS is ISIS — thanks to disastrous policies championed by Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s secretary of state. Also raised, yet again, is the specter of Mrs. Clinton’s lying to Congress and the American people — this time regarding a matter some of us have been trying for years to get answers about: What mission was so important the United States kept personnel in the jihadist hellhole of Benghazi in 2012? Specifically, did that mission involve arming the Syrian “rebels” — including al-Qaeda and forces that became ISIS — just as, at Mrs. Clinton’s urging, our government had armed Libyan “rebels” (again, jihadists) to catastrophic effect? – National Review

Ever since 2003, nearly all conflicts the U.S. has engaged in have been intrinsically tied to protecting dollar hegemony, or in the case of Afghanistan, to re-energize the heroin drug trade.  And this also includes the U.S. funded overthrow of the Ukrainian government back in 2013 which was the final straw that started the ball rolling for Russia to become involved in direct opposition to U.S. aggression throughout the Middle East.

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