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France validates that Socialism is just a step into Communism as govt. creates illegal nationwide database of everyone’s personal data

France validates that Socialism is just a step into Communism as govt. creates illegal nationwide database of everyone’s personal data

In nearly all so-called Communist governments in history, one of their most basic tenets was the labeling and documenting of every citizen. ¬†In fact, people in Democratic countries used to laugh or scoff at the formal command of ‘Papers please’ in films and literature when these showed just how little freedom the people in these countries had once the government had their lives registered at every level.

But ironically in the West most people have become numb or immune to the rise of Socialism in places all across Europe, and in certain places in North and South America.  Indeed, it was just a few months ago that Americans were almost willing to select a purely socialist candidate for President before Bernie Sanders lost in the Democratic Party primaries.

The sad truth however is that Socialism, like Communism, is not a true form of government at all because by definition the means of production and the distribution of wealth would be decided by the people or community as a whole, and not by a small oligarchy of elites as has been the history of both ideologies in places like Russia, China, Cambodia, and North Korea.

However, while these countries all primarily jumped to Communism directly from a Capitalist economy (Minus North Korea), former Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev stated once that the way to turn the West to Communism is through every increasing doses of Socialism.

Khrushchev, a later day adherent of communism, said this: “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to communism but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly find out they have communism,” – Daily Herald

The reason this is important is because of a new program just implemented in France on Nov. 15 that reveals the Hollande government has created a new nationwide database on all of its citizens that includes personal and even DNA data.

French Government Creates Illegal Database on over 60 Million Citizens

By setting up a single database centralizing information on the entire French population behind their backs, France’s Socialist Party (PS) government is giving the state vast repressive powers. Coming amid the state of emergency, it constitutes a fundamental threat to democratic rights, in particular to opposition within the working class to austerity and war.

The database, named ‚ÄúSecure Electronic Titles‚ÄĚ (TES), was decreed into existence on October 30. It centralizes the personal and bio-metric data of all holders of passports or national identity cards. It concerns over 60 million people, that is, virtually the entire French population. The official launch of the database took place last Tuesday in the Yvelines area and will be extended across France at the beginning of 2017. – Strategic Culture

In addition to this all-intrusive database, France has already instituted capital controls on money and it currently working on ways to ban cash altogether to force its people into a digital monetary system.

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With the rise of populism, the removal of Britain from the EU, the election of Donald Trump, and the potential takeover of governments by right-wing political parties next year, the Western oligarchies are playing a desperate game to seize absolute control before the people wake up and realize that they have been long traveling down the road towards Communism. ¬†And if revelations by the French people of this new database on them isn’t enough to spark reprisal against the government, then it is very likely that one or more nations in Europe will repeat the follies of the 1930’s and allow tyrants and dictators to take complete control over their lives using the guise of ‘the common good’.

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