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Greek people move to the ammo box against banksters and politicians as eight years of trying the ballot box fails

Greek people move to the ammo box against banksters and politicians as eight years of trying the ballot box fails

A few years ago the Greek people sought to change their government in an attempt to stop the looting and pillaging of their country by the EU and Troika following the 2008 financial crisis, and the un-elected rule placed upon them through Goldman Sachs technocrat Lucas Papademus.  This of course led to the installation of the Syriza party and the current Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris.

But in 2013 the Greek people discovered that even voting in an alternative party to power was meaningless as Tsipris folded like a house of cards before the Troika and Germany’s autocratic finance minister Wolfgang Schauble.  And the end result was even more austerity, loss of wealth, and a continued servitude to the EU in exchange for monies that simply was given back to the ECB to pay for debts.

Now in 2017 it appears that distrust in the ballot box and in the government has reached a climax as a cadre of revolutionary Greeks are now ratcheting up the ammo box by sending a packaged explosive to their hated target over in Germany.

Yesterday we reported that in a dramatic escalation against the lockbox of Europe’s cash, a package containing explosives was found at the German finance ministry. It was, however, unclear who had sent it. Today we have an answer: according to Reuters, the militant Greek group Conspiracy of Fire Cells has claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb that was mailed to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, German police said on Thursday.

The parcel was mailed to Schaeuble from a post office branch in Athens but as discussed previously, was intercepted by the German finance ministry’s mail department. The group has previously claimed responsibility for a wave of parcel bombs sent to foreign embassies in Athens in 2010.

“We still have the rage. We sent the package to Germany’s finance minister as part of the second act of Nemesis Plan,” the group said in a statement on the internet. “Nothing is over, everything continues.” The statement did not specify what Nemesis Plan was. Police consider the claim as credible. – Zerohedge

Few Americans today know the real reasons for the start of the Revolutionary War 240 years go, but the match that set off the rebellion was because of money, and Britain’s demand that the colonists use the Empire’s worthless fiat script.  And even two decades later during the French Revolution, the people even rebelled against their original liberators for printing worthless fiat and bankrupting the nation.

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The quickest way in history to bring about an armed response against perceived oppressors is to devalue and impoverish a people with debt and worthless currency.  And while civilized people will always seek to redress their grievances first through the power of the vote, once that is perceived to no longer be viable them the next step is always to bring out the sharpened knives.

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