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IRS to commission bounty hunters to try and find income tax avoiders

IRS to commission bounty hunters to try and find income tax avoiders

It appears that Dog the Bounty Hunter could one day make a comeback as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is planning on hiring civilian skip tracers to go after individuals who have failed to file tax returns, or who may owe taxes and fines.

In a new policy established by the IRS, the government agency that often acts outside the law itself would see the use of bounty hunters to go after American citizens who are delinquent, or who might have chosen to avoid paying taxes for one, two, or any number of years.

US citizens who have somehow illegally managed to avoid filing or paying taxes, as well as those who are in default of payments and fines, may now be forced to go underground, as private bounty-hunters in the form of roving tax collectors will now be despatched by four companies contracted by the IRS to track them down.

If you are only a little bit behind, however, do not start packing your bags just yet, as the IRS will currently only be sending warning letters at the pace of a few hundred each week, and only to those whose bills have been overdue for years, according to local Houston, Texas, ABC affiliate KTRK.

Those numbers could grow considerably, however, as¬†the IRS seeks to¬†ramp up¬†to sending thousands of¬†warning letters on¬†a weekly basis following¬†a requirement by¬†the US Congress to¬†mandate private-sector debt collection as¬†a means of¬†funding road infrastructure; part of¬†the 2015 Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, according to¬†NBC.

Rank and file employees at¬†the IRS are less than¬†happy, as¬†the move is thought likely to¬†result in “collection agents getting paid to¬†harass taxpayers, many of¬†whom need assistance, not threats,” according to¬†Tony Reardon, president of¬†the National Treasury Employees Union. – Sputnik News

Ironically, the IRS really doesn’t have to go very far in finding some individuals who have publicly stated they intend to skip filing their tax returns this year following Donald Trump winning the Presidency last November.

Sadly, the whole purpose of the income tax and the passage of the 16th Amendment was to promise guaranteed collateral to the new formed Federal Reserve so that the government could borrow money at interest from the private institution. ¬†So in the end it really isn’t the government who will be hiring these bounty hunters to track you down should you not be in compliance, but a private holding company (IRS) located in Puerto Rico that collects revenues for payments to the Fed who in turn has enslaved the American people with over $20 trillion in debt.

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