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It’s time for non social justice warrior students to sue professors and universities for breach of contract

It’s time for non social justice warrior students to sue professors and universities for breach of contract

Contrary to what liberal educators would want you to believe, higher education is not some form of protected ivory tower in which professors and administrators can use their classrooms for indoctrination or non-curricular activities.  In fact, with many students having to borrow 10’s of thousands of dollars each year under the auspices of getting an education towards their desired career choice, any wasted time spent in the classroom is a waste of the consumers money.

So when an organization that now has over 17 colleges and universities on board to spend paid class time to focus solely on indoctrinating consumers (students) with activist agendas having nothing to do with the class they paid tuition for, it is high time that non-social justice warriors on campus strike back and file class action lawsuits for breach of contract against the public and private universities that are fraudulently wasting their money.


A national “teach-in” movement is asking professors to set aside class time between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the presidential inauguration to “protest” oppression and challenge “Trumpism.”

The movement, known as “Teach, Organize, Resist,” is set to kick-off on January 18, strategically “poised between Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the presidential inauguration” as an explicit means of “challenging Trumpism.”

“Use your regular class time to attend a panel with your students.”   Tweet This

“Transform your classrooms and commons into spaces of education that protest policies of violence, disenfranchisement, segregation, and isolationism,” the organizers urge educators on the movement’s homepage, clarifying elsewhere on the site that participation “is an opportunity to affirm the role of critical thinking and academic knowledge in challenging Trumpism.”

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“On that day, we intend to teach about the agendas and policies of the new administration, be it the proposed dismantling of economic and environmental regulations or the threatened rollback of the hard-won rights that form the fragile scaffolding of American democracy,” a description for the teach-in explains, later accusing Trump of institutionalizing “white supremacy” and allegedly proposing the “expansion of state violence targeting people of color” and other marginalized groups.

“On that day, we intend to organize against the proposed expansion of state violence targeting people of color, undocumented people, queer communities, women, Muslims, and many others,” the description continues. “On that day, we intend to resist the institutionalization of ideologies of separation and subordination, including white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and virulent nationalism.” – Campus Reform

It has become nearly impossible getting state and Federal authorities to step in and cease the non-curricular activities of activist professors and administrators who have allowed the stifling of free speech to run rampant all across University campuses.  So this leaves going after their money as the last resort to force politicians, regents, and administrators to leave their political agendas at the door, and go back to fulfilling their side of the bargain when a student expects equitable products and services for their money.

American education has deteriorated to some of the worst in the industrialized world, but its cost has soared to become the highest thanks to the government subsidizing of student loans and grant programs.  And besides students simply going their own way, and rejecting the paradigm that ones needs a Degree to succeed in a given vocation, the next best thing is to continuously hold them accountable using breach of contract lawsuits as the student’s Trump Card.

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