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Liberal insurgents training for terrorism on U.S. soil in the deserts of Arizona

Liberal insurgents training for terrorism on U.S. soil in the deserts of Arizona

The official definition of terrorism is the use of violence and terror to achieve a political goal.  And with irrefutable evidence shown in places like Washington D.C. on inauguration day, and harm done to persons and property on the Berkeley campus in California over the past two months, the group known as Antifa have shown themselves to be an insurgent organization who conducts their operations using terrorism as the means.

And now these individuals are planning to escalate the violence as the group has stated publicly that members need to train in and use firearms in their fight against liberty, and prepare for a ‘war’ to tear down the political, cultural, and civil constructs of the American system.

In the subreddit r/anarchism, one Anitfa member acknowledged the loss, and suggested that members find a way to become “better organized and better trained.” Another member agreed, saying that too many of their “comrades” went into battle “no combat training,” and suggested they start “seminars or something of that sort.”

This conversation continued, with suggestions for better equipment such as helmets and padding over the typical hoodie and facemask being worn. Another person on this r/anarchism thread suggested they rally behind a leader who can organize and direct actions. The conversation soon turned to weapons, however, and one member in particular suggested they bring firearms. – The Blaze

And now on May 3, it appears that some members or liberal supporters of their cause are taking this to heart by going to an Arizona gun range and practicing firearm use and tactical training.

(Does this remind you of the training the Al Qaeda operatives did in Arizona learning to fly months before 9/11?)

In case you missed our previous reportage on the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, it’s a “militia” made up of Arizona liberals who conspicuously rediscovered the Second Amendment right about the time that Donald Trump had become the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.

This militia, in case you hadn’t noticed, is named after abolitionist John Brown. For those of you who have gone through Common Core American history and are unfamiliar with the name, he was an insurrectionist who was hanged after an armed rebellion against the Democrat-backed slave owners of the antebellum South. Say what you will about his methods, he was a man of conviction and bravery.

These idiots, meanwhile, are nothing more than cowardly defenders of the modern incarnation of the party Brown died fighting. They back an ideology that has no respect for gun rights, but they’re willing to compromise that in order to intimidate Americans into giving up their freedom of speech and assembly. – SHTF Plan


It is ironic, or perhaps even nefarious that law enforcement has done little to stop what have been obvious acts of terrorism done by insurgents hiding behind black clothing and masks.  And most interesting is the thought by a growing number of Americans who are wondering if the local or even Federal governments are in league with these terrorists since in many cases they just stand by and watch as innocent individuals are harmed, and property is damaged.  But make no mistake, the moment Antifa threw the first rock at whom they perceived as opposition, and set fire to buildings on publicly owned land, they stopped being citizens peacefully seeking redress for some perceived outrage and morphed into terrorists who are now using violence to achieve a political outcome.

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