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Mainstream media irony: New York Times subscribers rebel when they hire non-fake news journalist

Mainstream media irony: New York Times subscribers rebel when they hire non-fake news journalist

It must be true that the mantra of liberals is that ‘ignorance is bliss’ because despite the hemorrhaging of subscribers over the past several years that the New York Times has experienced for all their fake news reporting, many of the remaining readers are now in an uproar after the newspaper hired someone who has a history of speaking out against the false topic of climate change.

That’s right.  Remaining readers of the New York Times are in rebellion over a journalist offering a point of view that objectivity differs from their fake Utopian dream of man-made global warming.

The New York Times has hired a conservative writer who identifies as a ‘climate agnostic’ leading many readers of the liberal bastion to cancel their subscriptions with the paper.
Angered with the Times’ decision to hire conservative columnist Bret Stephens, climate scientist Michael E. Mann launched the hashtag #ShowYourCancellation urging people to show their disapproval at the hiring.
The Times defended the decision to hire Stephens, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former Wall Street Journal columnist, in an April 22 editorial. In the article, Times public editor Liz Spayd, dismissed so-called “left-leaning critics” claiming they were leading a “fiery revolt.”
Along with Mann, a number of other scientists have joined the “fiery revolt.” Climate researcher Ken Caldeira and ocean scientist Stefan Ramstorf both wrote letters to the paper cancelling their subscriptions. – Russia Today
From day one, the hyperbole over man-made global warming, or its reconstituted pseudonym climate change, has been marked by false and inaccurate scientific claims, as well as being supported by individuals (Al Gore) who seek to profit from conning governments and corporations into completely changing their business models.  And just like that same Al Gore who attempted to create his own progressive television network to compete with cable leader Fox News, the results were break even at best and eventually he sold his network to Al Jazeera.
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Of course when you look at the current line of progressive and liberal activists who thrive by calling anything and anyone they don’t agree with fascists, racists, and sexists, the truth of the matter is they are simply projecting their own beliefs onto others to try to assuage the guilt they hold over the world not ceding to their needs and wants.  And this example is playing itself out once again by the fact that these same liberals cannot stand to see an opposing view appear in print, and are willing to hold their favorite national newspaper hostage in a ‘fiery rebellion’.
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