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One European country creates office of Sex Tsar to deal with declining birth rates

One European country creates office of Sex Tsar to deal with declining birth rates

A number of years ago, a province in Russia¬†authorized a day off for workers specifically so they could have sex in the hopes of procreating to battle against the nation’s declining birth rates.

Workers in a Russian region have been given today off to have sex in a bid to boost the birth rate.

Today has been declared the Day of Conception in Ulyanovsk, Lenin’s birthplace, when couples are told go to home and multiply. ¬†If they succeed they could win a car, cash or a fridge.

Under the city council’s “Give Birth to a Patriot” scheme, those who give birth on June 12, Russia Day, will get a prize. – The Guardian

Now a decade later in 2017, declining birth rates all around Europe have led one EU country to create the office of Sex Tsar in the hopes of promoting sex, child birth, and parenting among the millennial generation who has for the most part absconded from the old traditions of marriage, family, and child bearing.

The Spanish government has taken a radical step to arrest the country’s declining birth rate ‚Äď by creating the position of a ‚ÄėSex Tsar‚Äô. It‚Äôs part of a bid to encourage a baby boom and counteract the population slump.

Galician senator and demographics expert, Edelmira Barreria Diz, has been appointed government commissioner with special responsibility for challenging the nation’s sliding birth rate.

Last year Spain recorded more deaths than births for the first time since World War II prompting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to take action. – Russia Today

There are a great number of factors that have seen birth rates fall like a rock over the past 10-20 years, but at the core of these are the rise of women choosing careers over family, and the majority of marriages ending in divorce.  In fact in Great Britain today, more children are born to single mothers than to married couples, and that number is even higher in the black communities in America where an estimated 79% of African-American children are born out of wedlock.

Across the world a new phenomenon is rising where men are also absconding from their traditional roles as that of Father and husband, and are instead simply avoiding both marriage and even sex for the pursuits of career and entertainment.  And with the fastest growing segments in Europe being that of Islam, and in the United States that of Latinos, unless something changes rapidly in the old white European cultures their declining birth rates will see them soon become a minority in the lands their forefathers conquered centuries ago.

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