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OUTRAGES: Cop Handcuffs Firefighter For Trying to Protect Crash Victims, Caught on Tape

OUTRAGES: Cop Handcuffs Firefighter For Trying to Protect Crash Victims, Caught on Tape

If the point hasn’t been made that police will turn their wrath on anyone, including other civil servants, maybe this story will convince you. In this age of instant information, numerous videos have popped up over the years showing that police repeatedly have a hard time determining who the enemy is. The us vs. them mentality doesn’t end with the public. It extends to even other members of the civil service community. Police are supposed to be warriors of truth and justice, but incidents like these prove that truth and justice are not their top priority.

In 2014, a trooper with the California Highway Patrol handcuffed and detained a firefighter who was on scene helping a crash victim. The firefighter pulled up the fire engine so as to block the crash scene from the dangers of oncoming traffic. Two lanes were still left open, however, this wasn’t good enough for the CHP officer. Obviously not knowing standard crash protocol which requires the fir department to block sufficient traffic so as to make the scene safe for workers, the trooper allowed his ego to take control. He handcuffed and detained the firefighter for over thirty minutes, all captured on live television. This wasn’t a case of protecting and serving, this was an example of a cop who didn’t understand standard procedure and didn’t like being told “no.”

The Chief of the Chula Vista Fire Department voiced his shock and disapproval to the media. “The protocol for the fire department is to protect the scene. When we arrive on these traffic accidents cars are going at a high rate of speed especially at night. We will block lanes to protect our firefighters and our paramedics,” stated Fire Chief Steve Concialdi. Of course the CHP released a statement with the Fire Department which completely deflected any responsibility from their agency.. “This was an isolated incident and not representative of the manner in which our agencies normally work together toward our common goal,” the statement read. The Highway Patrol failed to take any responsibility for the incident.

A very similar incident first brought this issue to the public’s attention over a decade a go. A Fire Captain in Hazlewood Missouri was arrested in 2003 on a roadside for not moving his firetruck which was blocking traffic from the crash scene. This is identical to the more recent arrest of the firefighter in Chula Vista. If only that officer had known that this previous arrest of a firefighter resulted in a suspension and an $18,000 fine, the entire event could have been avoided. This was also captured on video. The video sparked public outrage but apparently wasn’t seen by everyone.

More recently, the NYPD arrested a mailman trying to complete his route. In March of this year, Postman Glenn Grays of New York was on his postal route when an unmarked cop car nearly clipped his bumper. As he stepped from his work van, he shouted something to the speeding car. Promptly four NYPD plainclothes officers jumped out and cornered him against a wall on a busy street. He was arrested for disorderly conduct as a crowd of onlookers filmed the incident. The New York PD Commissioner advised the incident is under investigation and that all officers were reassigned pending its outcome. The officers were on duty but not in uniform as their assignment required. The video shows the officers manhandling Grays while shouting “stop resisting.” The video clearly shows that Grays was not resisting in any way. The arrest also left the mail van open on the side of a busy New York street which brings up the question of whether the arrest interfered with the legal responsibility of mail delivery. No new details have surfaced.

We have seen police turn on the elderly, the young, the sick and even their own fellow civil servants. This is the epitome of the us vs them mentality that all police embody. Us being law enforcement and them being everyone else. The inability to be told no or to be defied in any way is a product of the police ego which dictates how they handle every situation.

CHP, Fire Department Make Peace In Chula Vista After Testy Exchange, Arrest

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