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Pot legalization could soon see the drug integrated into your morning coffee

Pot legalization could soon see the drug integrated into your morning coffee

As we have written before on this page, the potential for pot to become huge boon to the U.S. economy is massive as more and more states rebel against the Federal government and legalize the drug for both medicinal and recreational use.  And while innovative entrepreneurs have already taken marijuana far beyond simply being a product in which you imbibe through smoking, one new company is in the process of integrating pot into one of the most important products that Americans consume.

Their morning coffee.

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Pot companies have been working on developing pot-infused K-Cups, which give you something a little stronger than a caffeine buzz. One of those businesses, Brewbudz, just launched a marijuana-infused K-Cup line that includes coffee (also available in decaf), black tea and cocoa.

Each pot pod costs $7.

Other companies are joining the trend too.

Up until now, “pot edibles” conjured up images of Cheech and Chong lookalikes whipping up weed brownies in their home kitchen and selling them to dispensaries. But as edible pot companies get more commercial, manufacturing K-Cups and the like, I believe that we’ll see more acceptance of recreational pot nationwide.

Think about it…

If you’re concerned about “drug culture,” the idea of a bunch of stoners selling cookies packed with weed to dispensaries out of a tie-dye-painted VW bus doesn’t exactly send the right image to you. But marijuana edibles that are commercially packaged and come out of a factory setting?

That suddenly “feels” a lot more like alcohol or cigarettes — acceptable vices.

How voters feel about pot in 2017 has everything to do with how widespread acceptance of recreational pot becomes…

And, more importantly, how big our profit opportunity becomes in the months ahead.

In short, we’re seeing the legitimization of recreational pot in America.

And it’s happening one pot-infused K-Cup at a time. – The Daily Reckoning

From its founding, hemp and even marijuana cultivation was a vastly important past of growing America’s economy until the industrial revolution and modern medicine helped lobby the end of both of these industries in the early 20th century.  And now the pendulum is swinging back the other way as opioid addictions and deaths coupled with the movement back to natural products over synthetic are opening the door to a return of hemp and marijuana as a viable alternative in the sectors of medicine and raw materials, and now even foodstuffs.

While the U.S. has begun to see declines in cigarette use and even alcohol consumption, the one area that remains a mainstay in the American diet is that of coffee.  And it appears this could very quickly become the next huge market for the ever growing pot industry.

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