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Operation Northwoods was a classified document for over 25 years and many 911 researchers have pointed to it as evidence that the government is capable of this kind of diabolical thinking.

President Kennedy put an end to it and had it filed away for the next generation to discover.

Please read the document and see if you can recognize the parallels between Operation Northwoods and the events of 911.

There is no mention of building 7 and apparently the 911 commission thought the WTC was hollow in the center.

Pass them out for those who are still sleeping.

Daivd Ray Griffin is one of the most well educated men on the subject of 911.

Norman Mineta giving a part of his 911 testimony…what did he say about the Vice President?

How did the cars get burnt to a crisp when Towers 1 & 2 were on the other side of building 7?

Mysteriously dies not too long after the second interview in this clip.

John Schroeder an NYFD gives his account of 911 and raises some questions.

Firemen giving secondary explosion testimony on 911.

This is video of some sort of an explosion below the floors of the impact and something definitely goes flying out, you decide.


Cynthia Mckinney Grilling over 9/11, sex scandals and more. I am currently trying to find a better quality video but we have to get things out there while we can.

Hmm I wonder what he knows… The movie Syriana was based off him

Bin Laden not charged with 9/11? Obviously people would have questions.

This is from Jesse Ventura’s show Conspiracy Theory. Man says 3 of the 4 black boxes were recovered at the WTC.

Apparently it has? Apparently Building 7 is still standing in the background.

Ted Gunderson is great and always has great information so that’s why you should check this out. With that being said I’m not sure why it looks as though this was shot back in the 80’s.

It’s very interesting that the minute he says his testimony was left out of the 911 commission that she has to end the conversation. Did he say explosions in the basement prior to the plane crash?


This is a great documentary that’s a must see for anyone trying to learn the truth about 9/11

So who are the people who benefitted financially from 9/11 and I don’t mean the defense contractors or anyone with a job in Homeland Security.

More unusual financial movements on 9/11.



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