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Ridley Scott: ‘Aliens exist and they’re a lot smarter than us. Don’t challenge them!’

Ridley Scott: ‘Aliens exist and they’re a lot smarter than us. Don’t challenge them!’

Ridley Scott is one of the most famous creators of Aliens and he believes that they are really out there and says that one day when they are ready they are going to come. The director spoke up and said that it is ridiculous to think that humans are alone in the universe and he firmly believes that one-day superior beings are going to pay a visit to Earth.
The director was talking as he prepares for the release of Alien: Covenant. “Superior Beings Will Visit Earth, Expert At NASA Agrees” He made the following comments on extraterrestrial life: “I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely. An expert I was talking to at NASA said to me, ‘Have you ever looked in the sky at night? You mean to tell me we are it?’ That’s ridiculous. The experts have now put a number on it having assessed what is out there.
They say that there are between 100 and 200 entities that could be having a similar evolution to us right now. So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it.” Ridley’s “Xenomorph” and “chestburster” alien creatures have terrified his fans for nearly 40 years. Alien: Covenant is the second in the list of prequel movies and it has a setting during the year of 2104 on a spacecraft that is carrying 2,000 colonists who have been cryogenically frozen while traveling to a distant planet when they come across what they believe is uncharted paradise.
However, as you might expect from Ridley Scott, the voyage soon becomes a nightmare full of gore that will have those watching think nothing of the alien bursting out of the chest of the man in the original movie. “We should not mess with real-life aliens” He explained: “They are a lot smarter than we are. If you are stupid enough to challenge them, you will be taken out in three seconds.” Finally, he joked: “Nothing scares me.I have a 9mm (pistol).” Scott went on to say that he could not believe all the terror that he had managed to create when he saw the reactions of those who had watched the original movies. He said that people were hiding half under their seats by the time the kitchen scene where the alien pushed its way out of the chest of John Hurt.
Scott, on the other hand, claims to be un-shockable, he bragged that nothing scared him, he did admit to being nervous though when walking onto the set of a film and there are 600 plus people all looking at you. Whether the alien life form that Scott believes is going to be making its way to Earth at some point in time will be anything like the aliens Scott created remains to be seen, but it’s hoped they are friendlier. “Alien: Covenant” will open nationwide in cinemas on May 19.




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