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Social Justice proliferates U.N. as world body advocating U.S. pay reparations for past slavery

Social Justice proliferates U.N. as world body advocating U.S. pay reparations for past slavery

As more and more individuals and organizations double down on political correctness, racial division, and social justice, the bottom line always seems to manifest with someone needing to cough up cash to give to someone else.  And the newest call for this is coming from the United Nations where a hard to find report published last year advocates that the U.S. should pay reparations to black Americans for their institution of slavery from 150 years ago.

A¬†recent report¬†published¬†by a¬†U.N. commissioned organization concludes that America‚Äôs history of slavery justifies reparations for African Americans. The submission by the¬†Working¬†Group of¬†Experts on People of African Descent’ –¬†which one might assume would¬†study¬†all¬†‘People of African Descent’ around the world, notably fails to opine on other nations which have engaged in the practice ‚Äď considering¬†that¬†less than¬†10%¬†of African slaves were brought to North America. Also absent from the report is the fact that¬†arabs operated the slave trade for over¬†1300 years¬†‚Äď a practice which continues¬†to this day,¬†primarily in India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh¬†and Gulf states¬†such as Saudi Arabia.

The¬†group¬†presented its findings on Monday,¬†pointing to what they say is a¬†‚Äúcontinuing link between present injustices and the dark chapters of American history,‚Ä̬†and recommended “Past injustices and crimes against African Americans need to be addressed with reparatory justice.” –¬†Ibank Coin via Zerohedge

The biggest hypocrisy of course in this report from the U.N. is that Saudi Arabia, which currently holds the chair of the U.N.’s Human Rights Commission,¬†still conducts slavery today¬†within its borders and is summarily ignored since the institutional use of slavery within many Islamic countries is not part of the narrative for Cultural Marxists.

Slavery is and always has been a part of man’s history, with only civilized society’s in the West choosing to abolish this practice within the 19th century.¬† Yet for many sovereign and global government bodies desperately wanting to enforce a redistribution of wealth by any means necessary, dredging up antiquated slights like slavery for some while also ignoring its ongoing use by others, is a game that has nothing to do with reparations but with impoverishing the masses to be more malleable in accepting their desired new financial order.

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