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State of California joins Silicon Valley in replacing American workers with untrained foreigners

State of California joins Silicon Valley in replacing American workers with untrained foreigners

Liberals and progressives are very sneaky individuals as they constantly attempt to project their own biases against others to mask what their true agenda is all about.  For example, while their politicians continuously call for the government to use more and more taxpayer money to feed the poor and the homeless, these same officials are caging their own citizens living in poverty behind fenced in areas to keep them away from public view.

In addition, California also saw recently where students at the ‘birthplace of the free speech movement’ protested and committed acts of violence to keep someone from speaking out on topics they considered ‘hate speech’ and didn’t want others to hear.

Yet besides these examples that reside mostly on the fringe of public awareness, one area of liberal activism is now hitting very close to home for more and more American workers. ¬†And that is the movement against President Donald Trump’s deportation of illegal aliens and his goal of culling H1-B visas to ensure more Americans get first right of access to American jobs.

CEO’s from many Silicon Valley companies are fighting hard to keep the turnstiles open to bring in foreign workers which they use to keep wages and salaries down in their multi-billion industries. ¬†And now this trend is migrating over to the public sector as well as the State of California has just laid off 79 American I.T. engineers which will be replaced by untrained workers from India.

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It seems that a group of 79 recently fired IT workers at the University of California San Francisco, whose jobs have been replaced by H-1B visa holders from India, may have finally found an issue on which they can agree with Trump.  According to the University Professional and Technical Employees CWA Local 9119 this mass firing is the first time a public university has offshored American IT jobs. Per ARS Technica:

In a statement sent yesterday, UPTE-CWA says the layoffs could spread, since the HCL contract can be utilized by any of the 10 campuses in the University of California system, the nation’s largest public university.¬†“US taxes should be used to create jobs in the US, not in other countries,”¬†said Kurt Ho, a systems administrator who was quoted in the union’s press release.¬†Ho was required to train his replacement as a condition of getting his severance pay.

Meanwhile, the laid off IT workers from San Francisco, who almost certainly backed Hillary, have suddenly had a change of heart on immigration, at least as it relates to H-1B visa issuance which is primarily utilized to attract IT talent from India.

Ho, who earns about $100,000, told the LA Times that he spent two days training his replacement in a process that UCSF called “knowledge transfer.”

“He told me he would go back to India and train his team and would be sending me e-mails with questions,”¬†Ho said.

Audrey Hatten-Milholin, who earned $127,000 at her job, says other replacements were around for two weeks. “What was shocking is that the system is so complex there‚Äôs no way you can learn it in two weeks,” she said. – Zerohedge

Liberal activism is no longer about actually righting social wrongs, but about using emotion, hate, and bias to mask their true agendas of gaining money and power. ¬†And whether it is the fake ‘man-made global warming’ movement that masks a small group of people wanting to make billions of dollars in a carbon credit scheme, or globalists wanting to move everyone into tiny apartments under the auspices of lowering their ‘carbon footprints’ to hide their true drives under Agenda 21, the core of all liberalism is about domination over the people, and using those same people to do their dirty work so that they can obfuscate public awareness away from their true goals.

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