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Syria appeals to United Nations to make the U.S. pay for the destruction their illegal war created

Syria appeals to United Nations to make the U.S. pay for the destruction their illegal war created

More and more it appears that the world is rejecting the U.S. and the Washington cabal that believes they have the right to intervene and on occasion overthrow any government they see fit to. ¬†And whether it is¬†Iraq’s latest deal with Russia¬†to purchase arms, or¬†Qatar’s move to integrate the Chinese RMB into their monetary system, decades of military and economic destruction in the Middle East has turned America into a global pariah the same way the former Soviet Union was once pictured to be.

And now after years of conflict and destruction generated by the U.S.’s funding, training, and arming terrorist groups to overthrow the Assad government, Syria is seeking United Nations support to try to force Washington to pay for the damages their illegal war generated against their country, the Syrian people, and the Syrian leader.

Syria wants the US and its allies to pay for the destruction of Syrian infrastructure and to bear legal responsibility for “illegitimately” bombing civilian targets, Damascus has told the UN, demanding that the American-led coalition strikes stop.

The Syrian¬†“Government insists that these attacks must come to an end, and that the members of this illegitimate coalition must bear the political and legal responsibility for the destruction of infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic, including responsibility for compensation,”¬†the Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations¬†said¬†in letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council.

Stating that the ongoing US-led anti-terrorist airstrikes¬†“continue to claim the lives of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians,”¬†Damascus claimed¬†that the bombings had led to a¬†“near-total destruction”¬†of homes and vital infrastructure, including the¬†“utter destruction”¬†of oil and gas facilities.

The attacks, along with US and EU-imposed economic restrictions on Syria¬†“are impeding the maintenance of those economic facilities and jeopardizing the prospects for development and reconstruction”¬†in the country, the letters, written last week, said. –¬†Russia Today

There is plenty of evidence to show that U.S. forces supposedly fighting against ISIS in Syria instead used their military power to unlawfully take out vital infrastructures such as electrical and water which effected hundreds of thousands of civilians, and devastated cities such as Damascus.

It is a sad day when the once great ‘bastion of freedom’ has turned into a rogue aggressor nation, and is becoming seen by much of the world as the same ‘evil empire’ that the Soviet Union once was decades ago. ¬†But America is simply following in the footsteps of the old Roman Empire during its final days, when the bankrupt superpower stumbled on from one conflict to another in a futile attempt to hold onto their power for a few more years longer than they rightfully should have.

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