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America’s foreign policy nightmare: Afghanistan to look towards Russia for new opportunities

More than a decade of American blood, tears, and trillion dollar war budgets have achieved little from the war in Afghanistan, except perhaps to expand the heroin trade for the CIA once the poppy fields were allowed to grow after the Taliban were eradicated.  And now that the Central Asian country stands on the verge of joining the World Trade Organization, Afghan leaders are not looking West towards the U. ...

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U.S. hides numbers from taxpayers as Pentagon classifies money spent in Afghanistan

The most 'transparent' President in history once again showed his hypocrisy by allowing the Pentagon to classify the amount of taxpayer money being spent for operations in Afghanistan despite the fact that the mission is supposed to be in a draw down phase after years of fighting.  On Jan. 30 the Department of Defense classified the details of future expenditures to Afghanistan under the guise of 'security ...

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