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Former Senator reveals that FBI documents show 9/11 wasn’t an act of terrorism, but an act of war by Saudi Arabia

Former Senator Bob Graham revealed on Sunday that classified FBI and CIA documents show that not only did elements within Saudi Arabia help fund the attacks of 9/11, but that the knowledge and culpability goes all the way to the Saudi government itself.  This information would therefore change the scope of the 9/11 attacks from one of terrorism, to that of an act of war. Former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, w ...

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Domino Effect: Cities pushing to remove anti-gun laws in Pennsylvania to stay out of court

Pennsylvania is a relatively modest state when it comes to restrictions on Constitutional liberties, but a new law that was passed recently is causing many counties and municipalities to give up on their localized battles for increased gun restrictions. Recent legislation passed by the state is making it easier for citizens to challenge un-constitutional gun laws and enforcement that will potentially affect ...

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FBI now seeking DOJ approval to be able to to hack computers here and around the world

It is bad enough when the NSA has decided unlawfully to collect, monitor, and store any and all communications on both Americans and foreign entities alike.  Now the FBI wants to get into the game by seeking court approval through the Justice Department to be allowed to hack into any computer at any time, both here and abroad. The Justice Department is looking to remove restrictions on the FBI's ability to ...

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Big Brother: New government database will hold all your financial information

Terrorism?  Immigration reform?  Remember how the Patriot Act and NDAA were to focus on enemies of the American people?  Well a new set of programs involving the FBI and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reveal the true purposes behind these, and other legislative debates and and subsequent laws, and where foreign entities are no longer the focal point for government surveillance, but rather, the ult ...

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FBI changes mission from law enforcement to protecting the state apparatus

The term National Security has changed since 9/11, and has a much more sinister scope than that of protecting the people of the United States.  In fact, when politicians or government agencies use the term National Security today, what they mean in a veiled reference is the protecting if the State apparatus, similar to the way the Stasi did during the years of communist East Germany. Which makes it very int ...

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Online black market website Silk Road rises from the ashes of FBI takeover

With a nickname like the Dread Pirate, it is only natural that a web portal that solicited in illegal wares would not stay down long even after the FBI seized and shut down the site a short time ago.  Thus on Nov. 7, the black market site known as the Silk Road rose from the ashes and in doing so, threw a proverbial middle finger at the establishment's watchdog who represents today's version of the British ...

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