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Michael Pento: Fed stopped QE because economy is cratering

On May 29, long time financial strategist Michael Pento spoke on the sudden drop in bond prices, and the ramifications of the falling Treasury notes.  During his 15 minutes interview with King World News, Pento laid out the only conclusion that could be drawn from both the Fed tapering, and the bond market falling... The realization that the economy is cratering. Eric King: Let's start with the bonds... the ...

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Senile former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan claims bubbles everywhere but U.S. markets

Even though the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan is too old to cut the mustard, he seems these days desperate enough to still try to lick the jar.  In a guest appearance on CNBC today, the former head of the U.S. central bank began blaming most financial worries on monetary 'bubbles' in foreign markets, while at the same time refuting that the Fed created highs in the Dow, Nasdaq, and S ...

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America and the West are in the late stages of a fascist takeover

On Feb. 19, famed economist and statistician Jim Willie provided a chronological blueprint on how the Federal Reserve, primarily through Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and later, his predecessor Ben Bernanke, used monetary policy to shift power away from a Constitutional government and into the hands of banks and corporations. These policies, which began after the 1987 stock market crash and ending with the cu ...

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Federal Reserve’s Legacy on its 100th Anniversary

December 23 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the ushering in of a new era of monetary policy and control over our banking system.  And in those 100 years, America has seen itself rise to become the most powerful economic power in the history of the world, and be the primary force over monetary and financial policies implemented in the global economy. However, there is ...

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Helicopter Ben initiates taper in one of his last acts in office

On Dec. 18, as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke prepares to pass the torch to underling Janet Yellen, the man responsible for QE 4EVA has initiated a small taper on the central banks bond buying program, and will remove $10 billion monthly from their toxic asset purchases. *FED TAPERS QE TO $75 BLN MONTHLY PACE, STARTING IN JANUARY *FED SAYS `FURTHER MEASURED STEPS' POSSIBLE ON TAPERING *FED: EXCEPTION ...

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It’s official: Quantitative Easing is a failure

In late 2008, and a little ways past the start of the Great Recession, the Federal Reserve decided to introduce a new form of money printing known as Quantitative Easing.  In this new scheme to increase liquidity and attempt to stimulate the economy, the Fed began buying toxic assets from banks , while at the same time, allowing financial institutions to borrow money at near zero interest.  This combination ...

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