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An industry people trust kills 21 times more Americans per year than guns do

Thanks to 24 hour news programming, youtube, and the fact that 75% of the country owns video capable phones, many Americans believe that gun deaths and firearm violence are at all-time highs.  And from this, outcry against guns has brought the nation very close to 50-50 on whether to overturn 2nd Amendment protections in our right to own and bear arms. However, this false belief that guns are the primary (a ...

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What a novel concept… use the 2nd Amendment in colleges to stop sexual assaults

After decades of liberal idiocy and an un-mitigated fear of guns by the left wing establishment, lawmakers are suddenly coming to their senses and proposing legislation that would allow university students to carry guns on campus as a means to stop or curb the ever growing epidemic of sexual assaults taking place in the realms of higher education. Taking a page from the National Rifle Association and tappin ...

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Inventor giving middle finger to Feds as sales for gun making 3-D printer skyrocket

One of the inherent consequences of Fascism is that not only does a government promote and protect corporations over small businesses, but by limiting the number of companies able to create a particular product of service, they can regulate and restrict both how much is manufactured, and who can get, a particular item. But with the advent of 3-D printing and the ingenuity of inventors and entrepreneurs, wha ...

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