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How long can Saudi Arabia still hold out with low oil prices?

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia decided to put all their chips on the table for a gambit that they believed would crush foreign oil producers, and allow them to remain at the top of the global oil scheme despite their dwindling supply problems.  However, even with the U.S. fracking industry being decimated by declines in prices, the Saudi's have not been able to crack Russia's hold on production and distrib ...

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Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington to try to get U.S. to fight war for Israel once again

There has been a long standing love affair between the U.S. and Israel, with much of it being tied to either the elite's support of Rothschild's Zionism, or the Christian religion's support of the Jew and the land.  But in the now 68 years of this U.S. - Israeli alliance, one thing stands out above all. Israel has several times since 1947 used the U.S. to fight its wars, and fund its hegemony.  And in no bi ...

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Geo-political battle lines continue to be drawn with new Russian-Iranian military agreement

During the Cold War, the world was pretty much separated into two spheres of alliances.  In the West there was NATO and SEATO, which encompassed Democratically led nations in partnership with the Untied States.  And in the East were the countries tied to the Warsaw Pact under the authority of Moscow and the former Soviet Union. But since the end of the Cold War in the early 90's, alliances have been primari ...

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China docks war ship in Iran as Petro-Yuan goes head to head with Petro-Dollar

The proxy war for control over the global reserve currency heated up another notch on Sept. 21 as China sailed a destroyer through the Straits of Hormuz and docked in an Iranian port just miles away from an American fleet docked in the UAE.  The meaning behind this move is not mysterious as China is quickly drawing the line that U.S. sanctions on one of their oil partners will no longer be tolerated, and th ...

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Iran deals with criminal bank fraud the old fashioned way… they hung him

In the Western banking world where financiers own and control the nation's politicians, fraud, abuse, and corruption are not just a rare anomaly in the market, but it is how business is done.  And with no major bankers ever being prosecuted by both the Bush and Obama administrations, simply paying small fines have only resulted in an increase to the fraud and theft. But in the world of Islam, money and bank ...

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Iran in talks with Russia to bypass petro-dollar in oil for goods deal

The stability of the petro-dollar took another new hit this week as a new deal being discussed between Iran and Russia to trade oil for goods is currently in the works between the two nations.  This agreement would entail 500000 barrels of oil per day to be shipped to Russia in exchange for Russian equipment and goods that might also include military armaments. Reports are emerging that Iran and Russia are ...

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