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Europe bypasses treaty process and begins implementing TTIP measures

About two weeks ago the U.S., along with 12 Pacific Rim nations, finalized the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement which is a secret trade pact meant to give unprecedented power to multi-national corporations.  And while the full agenda of the TPP will not be released to the public for at least another four years, from what agencies like Wikileaks have been able to uncover so far, the TPP is primarily ...

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Congress, bought off my Monstanto, pushes through bill where states can’t label foods as GMO

When it comes to elected officials in the U.S., only two things will cause them to listen... either 50,000 angry voters banging at their door with pitchforks, or the more common reason, money.  And when states like Maine pass strong legislation forcing companies to clearly label their food products as GMO if they are made with non-natural elements or processes, the bought and paid for members of Congress ar ...

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: TPP is just one big power grab by corporations

The primary reason that the former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that Congress and the American people would have to wait until the bill (Obamacare) was passed to learn what was in it was because the bill was actually written not by Congress, but by the insurance industry and other corporations tied to healthcare.  And with this and many other precedents in already place, where Congress simply ru ...

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Monsanto flips out after World Health Organization declares Roundup may cause cancer

If there is one corporation that has done the dirty work for the elite over the past 70 years it is the chemical and agricultural giant Monsanto.  From the creation of chemical killing compounds like Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, to its war on farmers and nature through potentially toxic GMO seeds, the company has a long history in dealing death in the products they make and sell. But now a chink in ...

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