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Israeli public joins ex-Mossad Chief in protesting Netanyahu’s warmongering

A little more than a week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington to try to recruit Americans into fighting a foreign war and shedding their blood on Israel's behalf, the repercussions of Bibi's speech are now cascading through the population of Israel itself, and the results are not good.  Upwards of 30,000 protesters which included a former head of the Israeli Secret Service (Mo ...

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Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington to try to get U.S. to fight war for Israel once again

There has been a long standing love affair between the U.S. and Israel, with much of it being tied to either the elite's support of Rothschild's Zionism, or the Christian religion's support of the Jew and the land.  But in the now 68 years of this U.S. - Israeli alliance, one thing stands out above all. Israel has several times since 1947 used the U.S. to fight its wars, and fund its hegemony.  And in no bi ...

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Israeli media shows transcript of Obama commanding Israel to surrender to peace

On July 29, a local Israeli television station (Channel 1), received a transcript of a phone conversation between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where the U.S. Commander in Chief all but ordered Israel to surrender its position in the Gaza conflict, and demand the sovereign nation accede to the will of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. And the most ironic thing about thi ...

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