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Reactions from the liberal Governor of New York following tax reform proves that the Democrats never really wanted to ‘tax the rich’

Liberals, Progressives, and the Democratic Party in general have for a long time used the 'tax the rich' mantra as an agenda item in their campaigns and rhetoric.  And this despite the fact that the majority of 1%ers in the U.S. are of a liberal persuasion. And now following Congress's passage of a Tax Reform Act, which in many instances will actually raise taxes on some of the richest in the U.S., Democrat ...

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It appears that there is irony in the new Tax Reform and Jobs Act since it does tax the rich while aiding nearly everyone else

While being a completely bogus and straw man argument, Americans can be assured that whenever Democrats speak out against the cutting of taxes for individuals and corporations their tired old mantra will always be that the Republicans just want to cut taxes on the rich. However in an interesting twist that comes with the added bonus of putting vast pressure on the bought and paid for New York Senator known ...

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New York seeking to pass legislation allowing cops to download contents of your Smartphone as a requirement to drive

As the 4th Amendment continues to disappear into the annals of history for most Americans, the number of laws being passed at both the state and Federal levels to search and seize your property without consent is growing.  And in a new law being pushed forth by the state legislature of New York, the police will soon have the power and authority to confiscate and download all of your data kept on your Smartp ...

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The former haven for wealthy New York hedge fund managers on verge of collapse as Connecticut prepares for bankruptcy

For a long time now the state of Connecticut has acted as the 'suburbs' for wealthy New Yorkers who sought to live in the much friendlier tax haven just a few hours outside of Wall Street.  But as the state began to impose new sliding tax schemes on the rich, and the boom of the past decade has begun to recede for many of these hedge fund managers, Connecticut is no longer thriving as the safe haven it once ...

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California and New York ready to join Seattle in destroying jobs with new minimum wage laws

Economics is a social science, and as such it can be greatly affected by the emotional demands of a given people or culture.  And just as the government, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street helped create the political climate of the 2016 election through their full buy-in of crony capitalism, so too are states signing their own economic 'death warrants' by giving into the demands of a $15 minimum wage. Last ye ...

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