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Muslim leader in Central Asian country calls for progressive taxes on acts of sex

In the United States today we have a radical religious activist by the name of Kim Davis, who is becoming a 21st century version of Carrie Nation, and who is trying to bring about a one woman battle against homosexual marriage the same way Nation did against drinking just prior to Prohibition.  But for another religious zealot that resides in a country located in Central Asia, a leader within the religion o ...

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Court issues ruling that attorney client privilege no longer fully protected

The shocking secret most Americans in our apathetic society fail to realize is that over the past two administrations, all but one of the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights have either been usurped, or causally thrown away by the Federal government.  Even our most sacred trusts of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion have been trampled to death under the auspices of minority rights, diversity, and fai ...

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Technocrats vote to allow your financial data shared with all nations

The current structure of the European Union is run not by elected sovereign leaders, but by intellectuals, elites, and bankers otherwise known as 'Technocrats'.  The technocrat is likened to the Head of DHS, or the EPA, where heads of state appoint un-elected officials to offices and give them vast power of persons, property, and policy. So when a group of 34 of these technocrats came together recently to d ...

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Like cigarettes, pot could become tax that saves state budgets

On Jan 1, recreational pot laws went into effect in the states of Washington and Colorado.  And while it is too early to determine how this will equate in the rise of overall revenue for the marijuana industry, expectations are already under way by these states on how taxes received from the sale of the drug can help in subsidizing their general budgets. Colorado projects $578.1 million a year in combined w ...

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Colorado will use pot to fund schools

Dec. 31 begins the first day of Colorado's new law which legalizes marijuana for recreational use.  In its first year, estimated revenues for businesses are expected to reach $578 million, yielding $67 million in tax revenue.  A large portion of that money will be going to fund education in Colorado, as well as the building of new schools. Colorado projects $578.1 million a year in combined wholesale and re ...

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Eurozone looks to embrace Bitcoin with taxes and regulation

There are many different ways a power structure deals with an up and coming threats to their empire.  They can either ignore it, attempt to suppress it, seek to dominate it, or lastly, initiate programs to co-opt it. The last option seems to be the one that the Eurozone is choosing to embark upon as on Dec. 15, Europe's top banker, along with Switzerland, are mulling proposals to not only recognize Bitcoin ...

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