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Syria appeals to United Nations to make the U.S. pay for the destruction their illegal war created

More and more it appears that the world is rejecting the U.S. and the Washington cabal that believes they have the right to intervene and on occasion overthrow any government they see fit to.  And whether it is Iraq's latest deal with Russia to purchase arms, or Qatar's move to integrate the Chinese RMB into their monetary system, decades of military and economic destruction in the Middle East has turned Am ...

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U.S. to give away control over the internet by October

On Aug. 16, the Asst. Secretary of ICANN announced that the Obama administration is following through with a promise made two years ago to give up sovereign control over the internet and allow it to be managed by private hands. Currently under the Department of Commerce, ICANN controls the creation and distribution of domains and addresses for the world wide web across the globe. The Internet Corporation fo ...

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U.N.’s global goals agenda just a new way to put lipstick on a pig

Ever since the United Nations (UN) ushered in its fraudulent green agenda in Rio during the 1990's, the world body has sought to re-engineer its singular purpose of a new world order several times.  From its ongoing poverty programs which never take into account the dictators or oligarchs that take the money and never allow it to get to the people, to climate change propaganda that is really a scheme to tax ...

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September time frame for disaster escalates as UN plans vote for Palestinian state

We have already seen the data that shows this coming September being a severe time of turmoil and potential disaster in the economic and prophetic arenas, but a coming event scheduled for the fall may well escalate the world into something far greater.  The United Nations (UN) has set on its calendar a vote by the Security Council to decide once and for all on the formation of a Palestinian State, which may ...

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Syria appeals to U.N. after Israel bombs their nation to support terror groups

Something has ideologically changed in the state of Israel, and it appears more and more each day that the Jewish State is becoming the same type of rogue nation they publicly decry other nations of being.  And like their refusing to sign on with the global non-nuclear proliferation treaty that even Iran is a signatory of, this last weekend's unprovoked bombing attack in Syria makes Israel no better than He ...

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