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Governments funding their own terrorism? Welfare benefits paid to refugees being used to fund ISIS

As more and more Western nations open their doors to bring in refugees from war torn Islamic countries, one of the first things they do is sign them up on welfare roles to receive benefits primarily designated for citizens of those countries. And an interesting thing occurred on the way to the welfare office as Belgian government officials have now discovered that the recent home-grown terror attacks in Bru ...

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China overtakes the U.S. as most competitive global economy

In their annual ranking for most competitive global economies, IMD announced on May 30 that China's Hong Kong sector surpassed the United States on the list to move into the number one spot for 2016. The U.S. had been number one of the rankings scale for the past three years, but massive regulation, higher taxes, declining infrastructures, and moves towards closed trade (TPP, TPIP) led to their dip down to ...

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U.S. beyond insolvent as financial filings show $3.2 trillion in assets and $21.5 trillion in debt

Each year the United States government files a financial statement showing their assets and liabilities through the Department of the Treasury.  And while previous years have been similar to 2015, in that their liabilities outweigh assets by a large margin, never before has the deficit been as extraordinary as it was calculated on Feb. 27. This because the United States (which is a corporation by the way), ...

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