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China providing an alternative to Europe for Russian natural gas

Contrary to most government propaganda, nearly all military incursions, as well as global wars, have been waged over the desire to control energy resources.  World War I saw the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, and the colonization of new Arab States to tap into their massive stockpiles of petroleum.  World War II was led by Axis power Japan, who needed to invade and control the Asia to access energy they cou ...

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Oppose the war in Ukraine? New E.O. could allow Obama to seize your assets

In the Federal government, lawyers ensure that legislation, laws, or other forms of regulation are written in ways to be both vague and concise, and allow the state to enforce them as they see fit.  One such 'benign' form of law that was passed last week could essentially allow the Obama Administration to seize the assets of any American who disagrees with the government's policies over Ukraine and the ongo ...

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. wants to get their hands on Ukraine to loot it

On March 12, former Assistance Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts spoke as a guest on USA Watchdog.  During his 50 minute interview, Dr. Roberts addressed America's desperate need to win out over Ukraine, with their ultimate goal being the confiscation of wealth and resources, and not one of freeing the Ukrainian people. “So, why is Ukraine important?  Well, there is the Black Sea naval base t ...

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Japanese media escalates war chant as conflict with China to begin in January

As 2013, and the year of the Currency Wars comes to an end, the inevitable escalation for nations who have chosen to go down this path is to eventually engage in hot wars to turn the minds of their people away from their economic problems.  And as China begins to assert themselves all across the globe, both economically and militarily, rhetoric is now coming forth from the Japanese media that an inevitable ...

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UN’s failure to issue Responsibility to Protect clause unmasks U.S. lies over chemical weapon attack in Syria

On Aug. 27, Vice President Joe Biden made a propaganda speech in Houston citing that there is undeniable proof that President Assad ordered and fired chemical weapons onto insurgents and civilians in the ongoing civil war to topple the government.  However, these allegations appear to be completely false, and with the Obama administration playing a card from former President George Bush's hand in which he d ...

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Russian Minister calls President Obama a Bush clone after pushing U.S. into war with Syria

For both Senator Obama, and the liberal contingent who castigated former President George Bush over our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is an interesting turn of events five years later when now President Obama has hypocritically ordered attacks into more countries than the man he spoke out against for such actions in while in Congress.  And the current President is now doing so with a zeal not seen since ...

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