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Terrorist group Antifa calls for violent revolution against private property and the police

Terrorist group Antifa calls for violent revolution against private property and the police

While the mainstream media continues to look hard for white supremacists and KKK members on every street corner, the terror organization known as Antifa is publicly calling for all-out violent revolution against the police, and private property ownership by the citizenry.

Sounds quite a bit like a Communist revolution doesn’t it?

Yet even more disappointing is how both state and the Federal governments are failing to act against these Domestic terrorists, while at the same time calling for increased measures against individual’s civil rights when it comes to our first and fourth Amendments.

An armed Antifa group is launching a new cell in Philadelphia, with support from the “alt-left” alternative media.

The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.

Like other Antifa groups, RAM claims to oppose the usual -isms and white supremacy, but a quick look at the organization’s “Political Foundation” page, as highlighted by Far Left Watch, notes the inclusion of several alarming points, including the “Abolition of Gender,” and the “Expropriation and the Cooperative Economy.” – Daily Caller

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (Screenshot: RAM website)

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (Screenshot: RAM website)

Over the past 10 months, many state officials have gone out of their way to hinder conservative groups from being allowed to speak or assemble in public forums or avenues.  And this includes the tragic confrontation which took place a couple weeks ago in Charlottesville, VA where a group had to get a court order to override the Governor who originally denied the group’s right to assemble and protest.

What stands out the most with the violent actions of Antifa, Black Lives, Matter, and many other left-wing terror groups is that they are not hiding from government officials, but are publicly calling for the assassination of law enforcement and anyone else who opposes their agendas.  And this leaves no alternative but to accept that these groups are functioning with the blessings of the media and of the government, in order to provoke civil unrest to mask the dying corpse that is America’s economy and empire.

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