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The Fourth Reich, also known as the EU, goes to war against Poland for not accepting jihadist refugees

The Fourth Reich, also known as the EU, goes to war against Poland for not accepting jihadist refugees

On Dec. 20 the European Union pulled an unprecedented act by triggering Article 7 against the nation of Poland for their refusal to accept any new refugees from Islamic countries.

Led by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s Rothschild lackey Emmanuel Macron, the coalition that some analysts have long referred to as the Forth Reich are pushing a desperate measure to flood even Eastern Europe with Islamic members despite the fact that the Syrian war is over, and ISIS has mostly been contained in the region.

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Yesterday¬†we reported¬†that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron had publicly agreed to back Article 7 proceedings against Poland for refusing to comply with EU immigration quotas and changes to its judicial system. The only thing that was missing was the official triggering of the so-called “nuclear option” Article 7.

On Wednesday morning, in a historic development – one which may herald the future fracturing of the EU – the European Commission launched an injunction against Poland for a “serious breach” of European common values and rule of law. The European Commission said it decided to take the next step in its infringement procedure against Poland for breaches of EU law by the Law on the Ordinary Courts Organisation,¬†referring Poland to the EU Court of Justice.¬† And while only a warning now,¬†Article 7 could lead to sanctions and a suspension of EU voting rights.

The unprecedented measure was taken amid two-year tensions between the EU and Poland over the latter‚Äôs judicial reforms. The bloc is concerned over “a serious breach of the rule of law” in the country, saying the reforms resulted in ‚Äúthe absence of judicial independence.‚ÄĚ “It is up to Poland to identify its own model for its justice system, but it should do so in a way that respects the rule of law,” it said in a statement.

In a bizarre warning, European Council president Donald Tusk,¬†who himself is a Polish citizen, said that “Poland is currently seen as a force for disintegration of the European Union (EU) and hence it is important to end the destruction of Warsaw’s reputation.” –¬†Zerohedge

The whole purpose behind the integration of individuals from Middle Eastern, and even African Islamic countries has been to tear down the final remnants of the European culture that once led the world in innovation and prosperity.  And perhaps we only have to look no further at the globalist agenda being pushed by Merkel, and especially French President Emmanuel Macron in news from yesterday where leaders of French towns and hamlets were calling upon the President to aid them as Islamic refugees rape, murder, and take over community after community.

As anyone who listened to the French Presidential debates gathered, France knows it’s got a massive problem with migrants. In October, after a 29 year old undocumented Tunisian man stabbed two women to death in the Southern city of Marseille, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed a new policy whereby illegal immigrants who commit crimes in France will face deportation.

Even without new legislation we can take tougher measures and expel illegal immigrants if they commit a crime, whatever it may be, Macron said.

France has been heavily affected by the migrant crisis. After an October 2016 relocation of some 6,000 migrants from the Calais “Jungle” camp across Europe, new asylum seekers continue to pour into the country and set up makeshift camps. Many migrants are sleeping on the streets of Paris, begging for money and angering local residents and sparking sanitary concerns. Last week, a group of Parisian protesters threatened to go on a hunger strike if police didn’t relocate approximately 100 Syrian and Afghan migrants from a northern Paris neighborhood.

In the end, this ‘nuclear option’ against Poland should be a wake-up call to spur them to simply abandon the EU and instead look towards the new unions that springing up in Eurasia and the Far East.¬† Because it is not worth a little bit in free trade considerations if it eventually means the destruction of your culture, and the threat of harboring terrorists in your midst.

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