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The Great Cosmic Web Has Been Found: All Things Are Connected

The Great Cosmic Web Has Been Found: All Things Are Connected

There has been a long hypothesized theory by scientists that a connection called the Magellanic Bridge, a huge stream of neutral gas that stretches around 75,000 light years, is in existence between the two closest galactic neighbors of our galaxy, the large and small Magellanic Clouds. Hints Of Magnetic Field That Up To Now Has Not Been Seen Now there has been confirmation of the Magellanic Bridge by way of research from the University of Toronto and the University of Sydney. Jane Kaczmarek, the lead researcher for the University of Toronto, said that there had been hints that the magnetic field does exist but up until now it has not been seen by anyone.
She went on to say that the radio emission from the galaxies in the distance served as flashlights in the background that shine on the Bridge. She went on to say that the magnetic field changes its polarization of the radio signal and how the light that has been polarized is changed has told the researchers about the magnetic field that is intervening. Field Is A Million Times The Strength Of Shield Surrounding Earth Related Articles A labyrinth of underground tunnels has been discovered by researchers at a pyramid complex in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The principal investigator and the man who discovered the Bosnian Pyramids, Dr. Semir Osmanagic, discovered a second layer of tunnels belowThe Secret Underground Tunnels of Bosnia Connected To The Bosnian Pyramid New research paper suggests that most human beings aren’t completely homo sapien.A new research paper, based on the analysis of the genomes of 1523 people from across the world has reached the surprising conclusion that human beings are far moreModern Melanesians Are Genetically Connected To An Extinct Species Of Human Researchers have found that the field is around one million times stronger than the magnetic shield that is surrounding Earth.
However, just how the connection came to be, or whether it was ripped from the interaction between the two dwarf galaxies is not known. Kaczmarek said that researchers do not understand how such large magnetic fields can be generated, or how the large scale magnetic fields are able to affect the formation or evolution of the galaxy. The LMC along with the SMC are the closest neighbors, so being able to understand just how they have evolved might be able to help researchers understand just how the Milky Way Galaxy is going to evolve. The Sky Is Full Of Magnetism
The entire galaxies are said to be magnetic, along with this faint, delicate threads that are joining the galaxies are also magnetic. Director of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, and co-author of the paper, Prof. Bryan Gaensler said that wherever they look into the sky, there is magnetism. Electric currents produce magnetism, and a magnet is able to produce an electric current. Every electron in all of the atoms is surrounded by an electric field. It is when the electron moves that a magnetic field is created, just like on Earth along with all the other celestial bodies.
It was said that in order for the Theory of Relativity to work a constant had to be created and that medium would be made up of many electrons and positrons. It was said that this is why the God Particle, Higgs Boson, is as important as it is. The discovery of it confirmed that there was a Higgs field, an infinite energy field extending through the universe. The universe is not simply an empty vacuum of space; in fact, we are existing in an electric universe.




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