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The one true winner from the horrific Paris attacks may be Marine Le Pen

The one true winner from the horrific Paris attacks may be Marine Le Pen

Over the past two years there has been an under-current of radical leaders and political parties making headway into Europe’s political system. ¬†From the Syriza and Golden Dawn parties in Greece, to the election of a radical Marxist to the head of the Labour Party in Britain, the backlash against long-standing politicians who appear little more than bought off sycophants to the ECB are rising in tandem across the continent, and in an era not seen since the great ‘Communist scare’ of the late 1840’s.

And while most of these populist movements have occurred in Southern European countries rocked by years of austerity following the 2008 Credit Crisis, one major Eurozone nation is beginning to lean towards their own radical candidate for President, and following the horrific terror attacks on Paris on Nov. 13, her popularity is only getting stronger.

The Front National party in France are moving one step closer to seriously challenging for the country’s presidency. A new opinion poll reveals that their leader, nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen, has topped yet another poll ahead of the elections in 2017.

The IFOP poll in conjunction with Sud Radio and Lyon Capitale gives Ms. Le Pen a lead under three different scenarios, reflecting the panic setting into the French political establishment which is considering a ‚Äėgrand coalition‚Äô of centre-left and centre-right parties to keep the Front National out.

According to IFOP, if centrist politician Francois Bayrou and centre-right Nicolas Sarkozy ran, Ms. Le Pen would top the first choice in the multi-round election with 28 per cent of the votes. In second, the Republican Party’s Sarkozy (23), and in third, current president, socialist Francois Hollande (21). РBreitbart

Marine Le Pen has been running on a platform of anti-Euro, anti-EU, and ending Muslim immigration in the country of France. ¬†And with radical Islam within the nation’s borders threatening the very culture of France itself due to their refusal to assimilate, this new attack which killed at least 120 people in Paris may be the Rubicon that will cause the banker and corporate owned leadership to fall from grace.


The world is changing, both in the East and now radically in the West, and the people all across Europe and even North America are waking up to the destruction that bought and paid for politicians have done to them for several decades.  And whether these new leaders can get enough power to break through the petrified foundations of the establishment, and have the fortitude to follow through with their desires of independence and anti-Euro sentiments remains to be seen, but the more that domestic financial and political crises continue to press upon the people of France, Greece, Spain, and even the United States, the more that radicals like Marine Le Pen will find a platform, and perhaps even gain enough support to take their proposals and turn them into policies.

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