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The United States Committed the 9/11 Crimes, Says a Saudi Report

The United States Committed the 9/11 Crimes, Says a Saudi Report

The peninsula that was named after a king – Saudi Arabia – got aggravated over the latest passing of a bill in the United States Senate, which is going to permit the September 11 sufferers’ households to take legal action against Saudi Arabia. The bill was freshly approved by unanimous voting, even though mainstream media have reported that President Obama has promised to veto it; but that has not stopped the Saudi Arabian news from protecting its country against the United States bill.

According to a reporter representing his country, he claimed that the United States organized and performed the September 11 assaults on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, to construct the ongoing War on Terror.

The content was authored by Katib Shammari, who is a Saudi citizen as well as a legal consultant, and his article posted in Al-Hayat, happens to be situated in the United Kingdom. However, the article refers to America, due to its previous threats for ‘exposing the files’ exhibiting the oil-rich peninsula financing the September 11 activities, as well as describing the contribution of Saudi Arabia in the most unfortunate surprise strike ever told in the United States of America. Based on the above segment, such hazards go in line with a United States strategy he refers to as, triumph in the shape of records.

In line with the Saudi Arabian legal professional, the United Staes commonly makes a record of keeping the details merely to utilize it later, when the time is right. He stated that the United States was there in the Republic of Iraq in 90’s. However, the Saudi Arabian national documents the United States preferring to keep Hussein active and in power, so he may be utilized as a negotiating chip against other countries in the Middle East. However, in the end, the United States decided they would take out Saddam Hussein solely after Shi’ism started to penetrate the Middle East and Saddam grew to be more of a responsibility, rather than a final trump card.

Image Source: Google Image – (Left) Salman of Saudi Arabia sitting with Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

Katib Shammari claims that the September 11 strikes have been made use of in quite a similar way(s), and have authorized the United States of America to place the rap for September 11 entirely in the arms of anyone who is most suitable, at any given time. Primarily, he insinuates that the United States held responsible the rabid organizations such as Al-Qaeda, along with the Taliban; subsequently back then it was the Republic of Iraq, now this time, Saudi Arabia.

According to the article, 9/11 was one of the profitable cards in the United States deck. Individuals worldwide, who are specialists on American policy, as well as those who examined the photos and the footage of the September 11 attacks, acknowledge unanimously that what occurred in the World Trade Center was solely done by the United States of America. It was organized and accomplished inside of the United States. Evidence of this is in the series of constant explosions that drastically decimated both towers. Engineers that study structures in greater detail have stated that the demolitions were controlled, and the aircraft ramming into the Twin Towers only offered the go-ahead for the controlled explosion. However, the United States still continues to play the blame game and point fingers in all directions.

Image Source: Google Images and Getty Images – Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) speaks at a press conference about a bill which will call on Congress to fully implement the 9/11 Commission.

Katib Shammari says that the intention of the September 11 strikes (according to him) was bolstered by the American authorities on its very own people, and absolutely not by The Kingdom. To start with, it granted the United States authorities to produce a shadow adversary, which is the so-called ‘terrorism’. It subsequently ‘granted’ the United States government a green card to a rap act of terrorism for all their issues, taking advantage of the phantasm enemy risk as an alibi for armed forces activity and hidden classified campaigns across the world.

The composer of the article from Al-Hayat, something as an attempt to eliminate the Saudi Arabia link with the September 11 episodes, additionally labeled out the United States for criticising Muslims, particularly individuals from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan; which because of this, Muslims world-wide are now feeling pressured with this label of terrorism scarring their community. However, the Saudi publisher alludes to that Muslims formerly had a good connection with the United States, assisting the Americans to win, going against the Soviets, as well as assisting to surmise the Cold War effectively without having to launch nuclear weapons. The report continued to claim that the real issue is not Saudi Arabia, but the American government – and not its people. According to Katib Shammari, the United States government produces dispute and can’t live without a rival.

Image Source: Google Image and The Atlantic – United States President Barack Hussein Obama and Saudi King Salman after a meeting in Riyadh.

Katib Shammari’s piece is one of the most prominent pieces that has come out of Saudi Arabia, yet it is not the only critical piece to come out of the London based agency. In more recent months, the Saudi Arabian mass media is being flooded with comparable content belittling the law. A number of posts streaming around Saudi Arabia challenged the saneness of the United States government, while other prominent mainstream media franchise in Saudi Arabia accuse the United States of a collaboration with Iran. For instance, one posting even referred to the September 11 Bill as being “devilish,” proclaiming that if the measure were approved in opposition to the Kingdom, it would open a passageway to hell.

Whether or not the door to hell will be opened, we would really like to know what your take is on this. Please let us know in the comments below.

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