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Tis the season to get high… in Colorado as pot sales soar on ‘Green Friday’

Tis the season to get high… in Colorado as pot sales soar on ‘Green Friday’

Since the sale of marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington earlier this year, the industry has seen its ‘highs’ and lows, but as we begin the annual holiday shopping season, demand for the formerly illegal product is soaring.  In what is being dubbed as ‘Green Friday’, pot retailers in Colorado are experiencing very good revenues as store owners began offering discounts that are part of the allure of the first day of the holiday shopping period.

Marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado are taking advantage of the first holiday shopping season since recreational weed became legal there by offering customers “Green Friday” specials this week.

Never mind the “Black Friday” discounts that traditionally keep retailers across the United States open for extended hours after Thanksgiving as shoppers show up in droves to reap big discounts. Stores in Colorado, where recreational weed became legal for adults for the first time ever this past January, have been advertising a “green” alternative this year in which shoppers can take advantage of deals they’re unlikely to find at Walmarts, shopping malls and other major retailers on Black Friday.

“There’s no question that there are going to be people here excited,” Ryan Fox, the owner of Denver, Colorado’s Grass Station, told NBC News. “It’s a great opportunity for us to have a big weekend.” – RT

Ironically, vice items always do well during economic downturns, and especially during the nation’s Great Depression of the 1930’s.  There was always money available to purchase alcohol and cigarettes, or finding ways to produce it, as sadly for some, drug related addictions often meant spending what little you had on booze or smokes than on food and rent.

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In the less than a year that recreational marijuana has been legal in a few states, sales of the drug have been much greater than originally projected, and appear to be well on their way to becoming a thriving new industry.  And if the results of sales during ‘Green Friday’ are any indication, far more people will be singing a new tunes this Christmas as the joy of giving turns into the joy of passing one around.

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