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Trump ready to drain the Washington swamp thousands of bureaucrats at a time

Trump ready to drain the Washington swamp thousands of bureaucrats at a time

As of 2015, a whopping 21.5 million Americans were employed by the Federal, State, and local governments.  And although increased growth in Federal government employment fell off a bit over the past eight years under Barack Obama, it still grew by 10% during the former President’s tenure ending this past January.

So for the new President Donald Trump to say that the government is extremely wasteful and has plenty of deadwood it can cut is definitely an understatement.  And according to a report on his upcoming first budget to Congress, it appears that the Commander-in-Chief is planning to stick to his pledge of ‘draining the swamp’ by laying off thousands of bureaucrats.

President Trump’s budget proposal this week would shake the federal government to its core if enacted, culling back numerous programs and expediting a historic contraction of the federal workforce.

This would be the first time the government has executed cuts of this magnitude — and all at once — since the drawdown following World War II, economists and budget analysts said.

The spending budget Trump is set to release Thursday will offer the clearest snapshot of his vision for the size and role of government. Aides say that the president sees a new Washington emerging from the budget process, one that prioritizes the military and homeland security while slashing many other areas, including housing, foreign assistance, environmental programs, public broadcasting and research. Simply put, government would be smaller and less involved in regulating life in America, with private companies and states playing a much bigger role. – Washington Post

A simple definition for bureaucracy is ‘government by desks’, where layers upon layers of managers ensure that information is controlled before it is filtered to the top, and where much of the gridlock we have seen in Congress these past 12 years can be in part paralleled to the expansive growth of the agencies that carry out their policies.

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As a businessman President Trump understands exactly how much labor and management is needed to accomplish a given task, project, or office.  And to make government great again the same way he wants to make America great again, streamlining government and removing unnecessary functions is one of the best ways to not only save money, but to actually begin to get work done.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for The Daily Economist,, and Viral Liberty, and hosts the popular youtube podcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Ken can also be heard Wednesday afternoons giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.



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