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We Were Wrong About Jupiter! New Images Of NASA’s Probe Juno Stun Scientists

We Were Wrong About Jupiter! New Images Of NASA’s Probe Juno Stun Scientists

When NASA launched the Juno space probe back in August of 2011, the goal was that the over a billion dollar project would give them a chance to study the planet Jupiter more closely. Five years later in July of 2016 Juno finally made it to the orbit of Jupiter. Juno Reveals Surprising Information on Jupiter At that time the eight instruments that were installed in the space probe were initialized to study the composition of Jupiter more closely.
But perhaps nothing could prepare the research scientists for what would be discovered when Juno Apparently the atmosphere on Jupiter consist of cyclones and stunning, powerful auroras the likes of which the Earth has never seen or experienced. The cyclones which are massive take place around Juno’s icy poles. So, what has the scientific community have to say about these new discoveries about Jupiter? One researcher and author Scott Bolton from the Southwest Research Institute has been quoted about these stunning images of Jupiter’s atmosphere as saying: “Discoveries about its core, composition, magnetosphere, and poles are as stunning as the photographs the mission is generating, ” These are just the most recent information gathered on Jupiter from the now fame Juno space probe.
Since 2016 Juno also gave vital information about the composition and measurements of Jupiter as well. Now the question is what will ultimately become of Juno? Well, eventually it will burn out in Jupiter’s atmosphere which has been estimated to occur some time at the beginning of 2018. So, yes this was a one-way mission. May seem like a whole lot of money wasted, but was it? After all, for decades, the other planets of our solar system have been a mystery, very little was known about them. Now thanks to Juno we know so much more about Jupiter than ever before.
So, mission accomplished, as for the images of Jupiter that the space probe has gathered, these can now be seen online. The images can certainly show just how intimate a look this truly was, and are worth seeing for ourselves.




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