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White House petition to label Antifa as a terrorist organization reaches 100,000 signatures

White House petition to label Antifa as a terrorist organization reaches 100,000 signatures

Terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

The Federal government has been hesitant to label domestic organizations within the United States as terror groups, even while liberals and the media trying desperately on occasion to call many non-violent conservative groups as terrorists.  However over the past two years a number of organizations have begun to spring up domestically that demands a serious look at how advocates for change function in their quest for political power.

Over in Eastern Europe, a number of paid organizers have helped lead peoples to overthrow their governments in what were known as Color Revolutions. ¬†And in nearly every instance, these radicals were funded by billionaire George Soros. ¬†And today there is proof that Soros and Soros funded NGO’s are behind the rise of Black Lives Matter,¬†the Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington, and of course, Antifa.

And in each of these groups, violence and intimidation were used in the attempt to coerce political change.

So now a number of Americans are fed up with the government’s failure to pursue terrorism within the U.S. despite the fact that they have been waging a ‘War on Terrorism’ and passed numerous laws restricting civil liberties because of it. ¬†And in a new petition sent to the White House earlier this month, over 100,000 citizens have signed on demanding that Antifa be labeled a terrorist organization, and indicted for the crimes they have committed across the country.

A petition calling for the White House to officially brand the Antifa movement as a terrorist organization has reached the threshold of signatures necessary to compel the Trump administration to reply, according to the Washington Times. The petition received its 100,000th signature around 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday. Though it had 30 days to reach that goal, the petition did so in less than a week.

The petition contends that Antifa deserves the terrorist designation¬†because of its ‚Äúviolent actions‚ÄĚ in cities like Berkeley, Calif, and Charlottesville, Va., as well as its ‚Äúinfluence‚ÄĚ in¬†the killings of police officers. –¬†Zerohedge

Ironically Antifa has already been labeled a terrorist group by the state of New Jersey, who just last month officially put them and their members on the state’s terror watch list.

If the U.S. government is truly serious about fighting terror, then the battle is becoming primarily in the homeland rather than in places like Afghanistan and Syria. ¬†And unless President Trump cuts off the funding by putting George Soros in the Top 10 on the FBI’s most wanted list, then Congress and the White House no longer have the right to take credit for actually working to stop terrorism here, or anywhere else around the world.

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