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Why Does The U.S. Government Have A Stockpile Of Guillotines? FEMA Interment Specialist Ads For The National Guard?

The United States Government has a stockpile of Guillotines. Now lets think about what these efficient machines are used for….Killing, but killing of who?? Why on earth would the government need a stockpile of these dreadful things??  

That is the million dollar question that I would like an answer to. These killing machines are intended to strike fear into the heart of anyone who sees one. Imagine if you saw one used a few times on dissident citizens who were non-compliant to government orders?? I do think this would be an effective tool to instill fear into the masses and cause compliance  of the masses.

The truth of the FEMA camps and the NDAA and the new Executive Order are becoming clearer and clearer. The National Guard has a video out to recruit ¬†Soldiers for the MOS of interrment Specialists. ¬† ¬†The video can be seen on you tube¬† ¬†for as long as it stays up .The dissemination of information over the internet is mandatory for the awakening of the American Patriots who will not stand by and watch this Country destroyed by tyrants.The sad fact of the matter is that the real threat from terrorist’s¬†is from our own government. Link to National Guard MOS advertisement below: 

The link under this text is to the guillotine  site where you can find instructional videos and order spare parts if you chop too many heads off, how efficient of them to leave the actual companies that manufacture them on line for us to google.

NSN:¬†1377-00-149-8407¬†(GUILLOTINE ASSY) ‚Äď

NSN 1377-00-149-8407: GUILLOTINE ASSY (NSN 1377001498407). FSG ( Federal Supply Group): 13 (Ammunition and Explosives) FSC (Federal Supply …

The red and blue lists which are reportedly in exsistance  list the people who the government feels to be threats, and which willl be the first to visit these camps  are also discussed at length by a former CIA employee on you tube. Just search for red and blue lists and enjoy. If half  of the information out there is accurate we are in for one hell of a ride. There are Military personell which are spilling the beans , so to speak, for anyone who is willing to listen. It has been said that all that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. I do not believe the Patriots, who are armed in this Country, will stand idly by and allow tyranny to prevail. The law which requires every American to have an RFD chip implanted is going a little too far.




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