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Wikileaks Releases Audio Tapes Implicating Presidents Bush And Obama Of Corruption.

Wikileaks Releases Audio Tapes Implicating Presidents Bush And Obama Of Corruption.

Joe Bowman

Whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks has published a trove of classified audio files indicating that the Bush and Obama appointees engaged in misappropriation of funds in a program intended to help disabled people find jobs. WikiLeaks had 30 hours of audio recordings related to a billion-dollar corruption scandal “with links to the White House,”the organization said in a tweet on Monday.

The tapes are intended to provide evidence that AbilityOne, a program that awards roughly $3 billion annually in government contracts, gave its money to defense contractors and other large corporations that did not have many disabled employees.  Taxpayer money set aside for AbilityOne, which is mostly distributed by the non-profitSourceAmerica, is intended for companies in which at least 75 percent of work is performed by disabled people. Allegations of fraud and corruption against AbilityOne and SourceAmerica cropped up in July, when critics accused the program of giving contracts to companies that did not have enough employees with disabilities to reach the threshold that would qualify them to receive federal money. I imagine they had plenty of employees with issues like carpal tunnel or just your run of the mill chafing.   The newly released audio files support the claim that more than half of the labor placed by SourceAmerica under the program went to the Department of Defense and contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The result is billions in tax payer funded labor subsidies and increased profits for the placement organizations.

WikiLeaks has been at the forefront of publishing information detailing various government abuses and overreach, including the documents about the US military conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan, portions of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, and documents the CIA director kept on his personal email account.
Pick your poison folks, both political parties are corrupt and you continue to define insanity through your complicity via voting performed as a “civic duty”. Americans should take time to enlighten themselves-to read, study, and understand what caused the collapse and outsourcing of our jobs. Maybe less reality shows and more reality would help raise the consciousness of the voters that choose our leaders is in order. But choose from whom? The two party system is a failed system. We have no choice but to choose between two candidates that both take money from corporations and special interest groups and that my friends is what I call getting the shaft. We need to get the big money out of politics and demand responsible reporting from our news outlets.
When our news heavily favors government and corporate propaganda instead of hard facts and truth, people are left uniformed as to who would be their best choice for representation in our government.
It’s time for people and workers to stand and fight for our freedom again from the tyranny that oppresses us in this country where our government now addresses only the needs and wants of those that can afford to have a voice. It’s time for true change in the direction of our country. People are tired of being co-opted into one of the two political parties only to find they were used to get certain people elected who had no intention of doing what their constituents wanted. It’s time for a Third Party in the United States. And sorry Libertarians, it’s not you, it’s me. We need a political revolution that infuses the collective energy of Occupy Wall St., the Tea Party, Anonymous members, voluntarists, etc. Enough is enough. The fall of Caesar’s empire is upon us.

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